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  • So how long do you guys think it will be before we see the explosion of PS3/360 Extra-Super-$$$-HD Remakes for the latest gen?
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  • When is that Tomb Raider re-release coming out??? ;)
  • Yeah I thought of that one, but at least Tomb Raider was released recently enough that going to the new gen seems reasonable. But are we going to see another release of The Lara Croft Trilogy Super HD Edition? Imagine if they released Mass Effect 1 Super Sparkles Edition with ME2 and ME3 as a set for the Bone and PS4. How about the Saints Row Quadrology? Or Resident Evil 1 and 4 (yet again)?
  • I want to see a remake of halo combat evolved for the Xbox one where when you press the view button (back button) and it switches between Xbox then Xbox 360 and then Xbox on graphics.
  • I fully expect a Final Fantasy XIII trilogy next gen collection. It's too obvious!

    Maybe Uncharted Trilogy as well? A Dead Space Trilogy? So many sequels to re-release!
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  • First they will need an install base of the 4K TVs, and that might take a while.  Consumers did not jump for 3D, I don't see why they would leap to 4K.  Either the economy will have to improve, or time and breakage will have to move folks along.  Second, Sony seems gungho on PS Now.  Their plan seems to be the Netflix of games.  I hope they go for a value laden subscription model, and stay away from the nickle and dime shit.  I suppose time will tell.  Remakes for me last gen were hit and miss.  Sly Cooper?  Holy crap I loved all that stuff.  Shadow of the Colossus?  Those shitty shitty shih-tay controls can gargle my hairy left nut and that camera can have the right.  I understand it is a great game in context.  I understand I am a spoiled gamer who started on PS3.  Don't care, game is as unpleasant as a pair of perfectly made wooden shoes.
  • @Dr Flibble yeah, I agree, I don't think I will count Tomb Raider either. I'm sure it will happen at some point. I'm really hoping this doesn't happen for PS3/360 games, b/c I really don't think they need to look better. :p

    I don't know though, I'm probably not getting into the current gen (PS4/XBone) this year, I really don't know if I would play PS3/360 games with updated visuals on the new consoles, if I wanted to play them I think I would have by now.
  • They're already doing Skyrim.  I'm sure we'll see a bunch of re-releases for the new gen.

    What on Earth is a 4K TV?  I've never even heard of that.  Is that like the new necessary TV to play the XB1 and PS4?

    I would never re-buy a game just because it's prettier in the new generation.  I am, however, waiting on certain games like BF4 and AC4.  I could get them now on 360 but I have Dark Souls to play in the meantime, and if I'm going to buy the games I'd like them to look as good as they can.  Here's hoping I get some serious extra bucks from my tax return and old security deposit so I can justify spending the cash on an XB1.  I really want one but it really is pricey.  
  • 4K TV is just more wank. Super Uber Ultra HD basically. Michael Bay recently lost his shit in front of one of Samsung's curvy screens.


    Here's a quick review of a 4K TV



  • I think 4K TV will be more successful than 3D televisions simply because there actually a few that aren't outrageously priced. I think I saw one at a PC World for about €1,000, which is a lot cheaper than the first 3D TVs. Curved TVs are cool too, but wholly unnecessary. It makes the TV look slightly bigger than it actually is, but for the price difference it's probably better getting a flat screen with potentially a higher quality screen anyway.
  • Hahaha he couldn't finish his speech?  Sucks.

    But it's not like the 4K TV is necessary for the updated graphics of the XB1 and PS4, right?  It's just better quality but not a necessity.  I remember when I had a 360 but I didn't have an HD TV, and the quality was pretty bad.  Like I couldn't even read type in some games.  I'm hoping it's not like that with the new systems.
  • @Bongo Not at all! As of right now, both consoles can't output 4k, but will probably be able to in a future firmware update.

    Some games won't even be in 1080p (although the majority will be in 1080p) on the PS4 and XB1, so your HDTV will do just fine for this generation. :)
  • Yeah, it still seems a bit off that this new gen cant manage a lot of these big titles in 1080. It always seemed to me that the 360 and ps3 could almost manage native hd in a lot of bigger titles. I thought that native 1080 for this new generation of consoles in all games would be a given.

    Looking back at some of the older titles for 360 and PS3 i didn't realise that a lot of the games ran at a lot lower resolutions than i assumed they would do, most titles i played on PC, i was just surprised more than anything else. I am not sure how necessary it is that all next gen titles run natively at 1080, from what i have seen on consoles the up-scaling looks okay, sometimes the res isn't too noticeable. It is always a bigger issue to keep the framerates up, as long as it doesnt get to the extreme where it is running at almost half the res. I am also not too sure how many people are playing consoles on full 1080 displays either, i suppose it is probably less people than i imagine, to which it is not really an issue.

    As for 4k, you wont have to worry about upgrading for the sake of gaming for a long time i suspect. It takes a lot of umph to push out frames at that resolution natively. Although as 4k video gets more popular perhaps it maybe worth investing into a 4k display for that reason at sometime in the future.

    More relevant to the topic, i agree a mass effect re-release in HD as a full trilogy would be awesome :) , they could tidy it up a bit and make it into a single combined epic space-opera as one package.
  • Didn't take long

  • I think it makes more sense to remake exclusives. Some PS4 owners never had a 3 and Last of Us will be great for them. Everyone has had a crack at Mass Effect. The true believers will get the trilogy and try to ignore the choosamatron ending that makes all their promises of decisions having consequences a great big fat lie. Bioware better get the next Dragon Age right. Their reputation has taken a beating for years.
  • @westsw I so called a Mass Effect re-release in my head, but never posted it.

    I kind of want to guess what's going to be next on the next gen HD remake treadmill...

    Um, you know what I'm actually not sure. Maybe, Fallout? I think I'd actually buy that if they included all of the DLC's and fixed all of the bugs.
  • I am the biggest Bethesda fan out there. I would buy a bug free Fallout in a heartbeat... and that is never ever gonna happen. Fallout 4 on any console is gonna freeze and stick. It will.
  • I would like to see more HD remakes from the games when they were still good, Front Mission, EinHaender, Parasite Eve, Vagrant story, Breath of fire, Bully, Maximo, Manhunt, King Field, Trapt(Kagero Deception) etcetera!
  • @Epke I would just be happy to see EinHaender and the rest of Maximo on PSN at all at this point. HD or not. :p
  • Just found this lovely lady recently and she happens to have a video that's sort of related to this, but with prizes! So, if you're interested in the prizes (they're pretty sweet, especially if you like Chrono Trigger) leave her a story of why you want your old favourite game to be remastered. :)


    But I won't be, because I honestly can't think of any games that I loved that I really want remastered at this stage. I mean, I really wanted Kingdom Hearts 2 to get a HD remake, but that's already happening. :P

    I honestly thought quite a lot about whether or not I want any of my old favourite games to be remastered. Thing is, I want to keep my rose-tinted glasses. Like, some of the games that you mentioned @Epke, are PS1 games. Vagrant Story, or Parasite Eve wouldn't look great with a simple remastering into HD and would need the graphics to be re-done with new models and such. Generally, this never goes well. Even some HD remasters don't end up working well, anyone remember the Silent Hill HD collection debacle?

    Then again, you can buy the original Vagrant Story and I believe Parasite Eve on PSN and play them on a Vita if you have one. I think I prefer it that way sometimes, just having a copy of the original game in a format that'll never have scratches. :) I can also say from personal experience that PS1 games - including Vagrant Story - look pretty good on the Vita.
  • @Firlocke i am kind of a trophy nut, so i need an incentive to play those old games again (although i loved Parasite Eve, Vagrant story etcetera.) I have two towers of current gen games i still need to play. And seeing how much crap has come out in recent years, some redone re-releases on HD wouldn't be to bad.
  • http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/05/07/r-type-dimensions-coming-to-ps3-on-may-20th/

    I think this could go here. HD remake of R-Type 1 and 2 is coming to PS3 WITH TROPHIES!!!

    I love the R-Type series and most shmups so I'm all over this. :)
  • @vampirelich Speaking of shmups, have you ever played Velocity or Velocity Ultra? They're not quite shmups, but have a few interesting twists on the genre. There's slow scrolling like a typical shmup, but that's about where the similarities end.

    You can actually press the shoulder button to make the level scroll faster, handy for speed runs! :) You can also teleport to a specific point on the screen, by placing a marker with the analogue stick. The objective is generally to collect things along the level, but there also enemies in the way, and mini puzzles that you have to solve by teleporting to far away sections. Even to previous parts of the level, but that's later on. They're on PSP and PS Vita for sure, but I think one of them, probably Ultra is also on PC.

    The sequel's coming out soon as well, hyped as fuck for it personally. :)

    Also, I know that was very off topic, but technically Velocity Ultra is a remake of Velocity so it's not that bad. :P
  • They should release this on PS3/4
  • The hits they keep on comin'

  • Next up, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

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