Let's get to talking about Titanfall
  • Titanfall is a multiplayer first person shooter for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC developed by respawn entertainment.
    The game mixes on foot and Mech gameplay at a speed unmatched in recent shooters.
    Titanfall releases on the 18th of March 2014

    So what do you guys think of the game. Have you played the beta? Are you interested?

    Personally I have become addicted to the game since playing the beta. I think the game is amazing. Initially I felt comfortable with Titanfall. Off the bat it feels a hell of a lot like Call of Duty. Then that sense of extra speed and manouverability hits you. You can pull off some amazing parkour moves in Titanfall easily, and at the touch of one button. Its really intuative and feels amazing. I have put about 12 hours into the beta so far and it only has 2 maps, 3 game modes and a handfull of weapons. To put that in perspective I have owned Call of Duty: Ghosts since release (on Xbox 360 and Xbox One) and I have only put 9 hours into that.

    Personally I love the pilot gameplay. But a big part of the game is the Titan gameplay. At the Start of a round you have a timer in the bottom right of the screen (4 minutes). That timer is counting down to your "Titanfall" when that timer hits zero a big assed Mech (there is only 1 available in the beta but I hear there will be a choice of multiple in the full game) will fall from the sky which you can then pilot around the map until it is destroyed. As mentioned above the timer starts at 4 minutes but you can knock valuable seconds off of that by killing grunts (AI enemies kinda like Dota2's creeps), enemy players and destroying enemy titans.

    In the Titan you get a feeling of being a bad ass which is appropriate but you also feel vulnerable because each pilot has a anti titan weapon which can easily take down a Titan (if you play it intelligently). Because of that the game seems perfectly balanced to me which must have been hard for Respawn to do.

    So with the beta ending later today I now have to wait a whole month to play more Titanfall and honestly it is that good I don't think I can.

    Anyway thats what I think about the game I'm off to play more of it. What's your guys views?
  • Looks great, I don't really play vs multiplayer that much, maybe an hour of CoD multiplayer lifetime, yeah I am weirdo, it is not really for me.  It absolutely does look like a blast.
  • Most of the people I know who've played the beta says it revolutionizes the shooter genre. I'm pumped.
  • Gears changed it all last gen with the cover based shooter. I think this generation everyone will strive to compare with titanfall the pace the game runs at is just so unique.
  • It looks like it has solid gameplay, but a revolution? People need to pull the dicks out of their ears. I might try it on PC at some point, but honestly with no campaign this one is a hard sell for me. I really don't give a shit about online only games. And from what I've seen of the game most of those enemy troops are bots?

  • I'm really looking forward to this game.

    The beta was great but I don't think I can play this game in long bursts. The pace is so quick I need a break after a few rounds. Good thing for me the rounds are actually pretty quick.
  • @Dr Flibble I agree the fact that Titanfall is a full priced retail release for a game that is purely multiplayer is a little fucked up but after playing the game I think its amazing. I already miss playing it. Last night I jumped in to battlefield 4 and hated it the sense if speed in titanfall has ruined me on other first person shooters. Maybe when the full game is released I will become bored after a few hours like I did call of duty ghosts but right bow I can't see that.
  • Well, if I was into competitive first person shooters, I'd be all over this. Much more so than for whatever other games are in the genre.
  • Personally I'm not a fan of shooters who's primary focus is multiplayer. If it's ever on sale on Origin or I can find a PC copy fairly cheap a year from now I might consider picking it up. Call of Duty has never interested me and from what I've seen this game might as well be called Call of Duty: Future Warfare.
  • @ness

    It's really nothing like Call Of Duty though.
  • @Manio

    I understand Titanfall is not like Call of Duty, but I have no interest in playing any multiplayer shooters, whether it be Call of Duty, Battlefield, Gears of War, Halo or now Titanfall. Kind of the same way that someone who doesn't like MMOs might see Elder Scrolls Online as just another WoW clone and have no interest in it. Now if a shooter has a solid single player campaign and not something that seems like it was tacked on as an after thought, I might give the game a chance eventually but I still have no interest in the multiplayer aspect of the game.
  • I put together a video showcasing my "skilful" Titanfall play - 
  • @ness I'm much the same, but I must give huge praise to Titanfall for being multi-player only. It's quite a brave move and hopefully the industry will learn that your game doesn't actually have to do everything.

    I quite like having a fantastic single player or multi-player game, rather than a decent single player and multi-player game.
  • @amardilo  and i thought i sucked at playing FPS :P 
  • @Epke yeah I'm a terrible FPS player.
  • The controller feels better than K+M, for the first time in any FPS ever...

    I got the game and the future DLCs on Origin, so if you have it on PC, let's play... My Origin tag should be obvious... (Hint: It's always the fucking same thing.)

    BTW: Don't play the game like Call of Duty, or you will die, like amardilo did... Play like what Brink should have been...
  • @LycaNinja lol! Too bad I've never played Brink.

    Anyway this game isn't out over here in the UK until Friday, how is it for those that have it?
  • Mine has been despatched so fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow (I quite regularly get games early from shopto). Can not wait.
  • So the game has been out over a week in some territories. What do you guys think?

    Personally I am a little disappointed. I can't quite figure out why but I guess I just expected more than call ofbduty with mechs. Even after playing the beta. Don't get me wrong I am having a blast but not as much fun as I expected.
  • I think it's a good game but I think I kind of need to play with people I know and not random players as it can get a little boring at times.

    I've been trying to play the mode which has all game types and I seem to continuously end up in Capture the Flag matches which isn't my favourite game type. I playing prefer Hard Point and Attrition.

    The quick matches are pretty good for my play style as I can get a few games in a short space of time and then put the game down and go do something else.

  • I played a little over an hour and a half of campaign last night. I also suck at this game massively right now.

    It's a really, really intriguing game in some respects. Kudos to Respawn for trying some new things. Some of them work, some of them don't. They've clearly taken aim at making it more accessible, which multiplayer FPS games sorely needed. For what it's worth, I think it's much easier getting acclimated to a MOBA than an online FPS, which pretty much says how bad it's gotten.

    For example, the smart pistol with the auto-aim is neat; it addresses the struggles of aiming and moving in FPS' that is so hard at first, especially in a game like Titanfall that now adds parkour elements to movement. But it's so weak that it really only serves as a weapon against enemy AI. Which is understandable; nobody wants to be up against an auto-aiming weapon that also packs a punch, but killing grunts doesn't matter much. And I think the pistol probably teaches some bad habits with regards to aiming, or the lack thereof. And speaking of grunts...

    I just don't think they're much fun. Again, they're there as cheap, easy points for newbies - they go down quickly and with almost no challenge. But they also crowd the maps a lot, feel 'stupid,' and really don't matter much in the scheme of things. Some of the smaller maps definitely don't need more people on them, they're already a bit of a clusterfuck. I think a straight 8 on 8 humans only would have worked better.

    Speaking of clusterfuck, I think the Titans are really fun until there's a bunch of them on a map. Early on in matches, before everyone is dropping titans, one-on-one duels are really, really fun. They feel large but fluid, they feel fair, and they are a really nice wrinkle in combat. Later on, when you sometimes get 3 titans on each team going at it, good luck making sense of things. It just becomes way, way too busy on screen. Missiles, bullets, shields everywhere, etc. And any foot soldiers are dead on arrival in a multi-titan battle, unless you can find some really good cover.

    The maps are all over the place. The first campaign one is awesome. It's big enough, has room to run and jump around, feels balanced, and really has space for Titans and close quarters combat. The second one is some tiny map in a town that is just awfully crowded and stupidly cheap feeling. I think by now, dying on respawn should be gone from FPS games, no exceptions. Sadly, it's not in Titanfall. I think they got caught between compensating for both the parkour of pilots and the large space needed for titans, and I can't imagine that's easy to design around. But the smaller, close quarters, vertical maps feel really constricting and really messy, and have a lot of impassable areas for titans. The capture the flag/king of the hill/etc., maps also work way better than straight deathmatch. In the latter, the matches trend towards chaos much faster.

    As for the parkour elements, they're pretty solid. There's a definite learning curve to them, but for the most part, I have little to no complaints. Smooth and simple and relatively easy to use, which is how it should be. Map familiarity is probably more of a learning curve than the actual parkour itself, which is normal.

    At it's best, Titanfall can be rather exciting. Taking down a titan while on foot is awesome, and a real David vs. Goliath feeling. Getting into a titan and causing shit to go down is cool. How maps end; with a mad dash by the losing team to an evacuating dropship that can be shot down is cool. It means even the losing side has something to aim for.

    Mostly, I think you have to play this game with friends. There's not a lot of content. I got it using a giftcard, but I would not recommend spending your cash on this while it's full price.

    And I have to mention one more thing; the planets and environments and feel of the sci-fi in the game is awesome. Like, really, really awesome. It pains me that there isn't a real campaign to explore some of the planets. I want to see more of the universe they've created, but there's no opportunity to.

  • I'm just thinking of buying the Xbox One that comes bundled with it. All about trying new things.
  • Dude go for it, its a fun game.Its not exactly what I expected though. The gameplay is really quick, fluid and all kinds of fun but outside the matches I guess I dunno I'm a little disappointed. 

    The game modes are just your average bland variants on Team Deathmatch, there's a pretty average capture the flag mode and a similarly unsurprising Domination mode. The only mode that really breaks the mould is Last Titan Standing a round based game mode where every player starts in a Titan and only has one life the game ends when either your team or your opponents lose all their Titans. When I learnt a little about the game way back when I was hoping the mix of Titan and on foot gameplay would lead to some spectacular modes.  I don't know, maybe a CTF mode with a big arsed flag that only a Titan can carry. Leading you to have to wait till your Titan is available until you can score for your team. Or maybe a mode in which only one player can hold a Titan making all other players team up to take out that player. The player that lands the kill shot then becomes the Titan. See the possibilities for amazing modes in this game is endless and the stuff we got is just unimaginative. 

    The Xbox One version can also have a few technical difficulties. Generally when a shit ton of Titans are on screen together. Lets just say the framerate may take a dip. The game could probably look better too. I have seen better looking and smoother games on the Xbox One.

    Wow I really went on a rant with that one. But seriously Manio I think that is a smart buy the One is a pretty great console.  
  • Well, just bought it on 360 since I can't afford the One yet.
  • I've been playing it on the XB1 lately.  It hasn't hooked me to the point of where I can't stop playing, but I've definitely been coming back to it.

    It can be a lot of fun - I really like how fluid it feels.  It's quick and responsive, and it feels good to run around and blast on people.  The Titans also feel right.  They're also pretty quick and responsive, but they also feel like they have some weight to them.  I do, however, feel like sometimes I don't feel like I'm super powerful in the Titan.  Someone on the forums had said somewhere that when the Titans first drop it feels good because there aren't that many Titans around yet.  However, towards the later part of the round there are a hefty amount of Titans around and it turns into somewhat of a clusterfuck.  I kind of agree with this.  I can't tell if I like the fact that it turns into chaos at the end or if I'm disappointed enough by the fact that it takes away from the feeling of being a giant powerful metal ogre to call it a flaw.  

    Also - and this is a complete digressive side-note which isn't dinging the game in any way - I wish that it was a little bit... bigger.  Does anyone remember Chrome Hounds?  They were bigger than the Titans.  The maps were also bigger as well.  I was hoping Titanfall would be a little bit more towards that direction.  I kind of wish that it was more on the scale of say, Battlefield, in which there are 5 points spread a little bit farther apart, and the Titans could be a bit bigger.  Sometimes it feels a bit cramped with the Titans in the maps.  It just feels like Call of Duty maps with giant robots roaming around.  Don't get me wrong, I really like the game for what it is, and I'm enjoying it immensely, but I do wish it had a slightly bigger feel of scale.

    Anyways, it's a good game and I'm having fun with it.  
  • The new horde mode that got released a couple weeks ago is excellent. Myself and three others, @AshGooner, @Winsord, and @Xero560 have the game, drop me a line if you ever want to play. 

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