Ubisoft's E3 2013 Presentation Discussion
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    Monday June 10th, 2013
    6 PM EST

    Ubisoft plans to wow us with their newest installment in the Assassin's creed series with Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag along with their new franchise Watch_Dogs. I'm sure that other games will be presented, but I'm sure the majority of the time will be spent on these. Videos I've watched show they devs behind ACIV talking very positively about how easy the PS4 is the make games for. Is this a clue to a possible deal with Sony for exclusive content? I guess we'll see!

    Are you interested in the AC series? How about Watch_Dogs? What other games do you hope that Ubisoft shows off during their presentation? Let us know down below!
  • Watch dogs will probably be getting the biggest push. I think that's gonna be Ubi's next big franchise. What I'm more interested in though is not the games but the show itself. What will they do to make their conference bat shit crazy this year. How will they top Mr. Caffeine? Will we see more people running around playing light gun games? Always love Ubi's conference it is definitely the most entertains year in year out.
  • Bahahaa! I KNEW I was forgetting something while I was typing this up. My bad guys! Thanks nutta!
  • [video=youtube;Cm09Af02vQQ]
  • At the moment Watch Dogs is one of my most anticipated games.

    I really like the idea of a modern day vigilante who is not in a super hero costume.
  • Just fixed the lacking of Watch_Dogs in the intro. I can't believe that game slipped my mind.

    amardilo said:
    At the moment Watch Dogs is one of my most anticipated games.

    Yeah I think we're going to see some really cool stuff from WD in terms of gameplay. I'm still very, very excited to see how the whole thing where friends can fuck with your game.
  • I am getting a bit tired of seeing Watch Dogs. Just me though. I want new! However, new Trials is always a good thing. I love me some Trials.

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