Still alive.
  • Hello everyone.

    Sorry I just up and disappeared a awhile back.
    Shit came up and life was kind of kicking my ass. lol

    I'm on a PC that isn't mine, so I won't be able to hang in IRC or anything yet.
    I just wanted to let you all now I'm fine and missed you all. :o

    I didn't get to build the PC I wanted to last year, so I still don't have a good computer. :P
    The news about the PS4 is kind of cool, though it's a letdown that it wont play PS3 games. guess I'll have to buy a PS3 too.
    Can't wait to get back on IRC and play some games with everyone.

    Sorry this post is so short. here's a funny Minecraft song for your amusement.
  • Where the fuck did you go? We legit wondered if you had died.

    You can ignore the FB message I sent, worried, thinking you had actually died :( I was sad.

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