Table top wargaming and other hobbies
  • Well yesterday was the first day i didn't use my PS3 for gaming, i was working on my other hobby, tabletop wargaming miniatures. After a year of doing almost nothing i got the buzz again,
    I got warhammer 40k, Warmachine and some stuff from some other small companies.

    What is your main hobby besides gaming?
  • Making passive-aggressive verbal jabs at people online.

    Reading, movies, music. Occasional blogging. And making lists!

    Speaking of miniatures, I played Mage Knight and Heroclix when I was younger. I could never do Warhammer 40K. Too expensive, and I can't paint worth shit. Several of my friends did, though. I was more of a TCG guy.
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    Reading, travelling, writing, interfering with women sexually, and talking shit with people over beers.

    I have a huge pen and paper RPG collection, but nobody to play them with :(
  • Making passively aggressive verbal jabs at people online.

    (I felt left out)

    I used to be a hardcore runner, until I got Lyme disease. (So lame!) That was my main hobby, so when I stopped running I started picking up some new ones. My hobbies now are:
    Violin - Used to play when I was younger, recently picked it back up about a year ago.
    Unicycling - A sad little hobby I usually only do at home alone, since it looks pretty silly. However, there are some pretty intense stuff you can do it. I'm limited to the bunny hop, idling, and being able to get on the dang thing.
    Banjo - Something I super recently just bought, trying to learn though!

    I intended on getting into juggling, but I started and never really got that into it.
  • Lately, I was busy reading books
  • I used to read a shit ton of comic books but just completely stopped one day for reasons out of my control and just never really went back. The only thing currently that I could call a hobby is watching professional wrestling and a lot of it. The only shit I can't really watch is too much Lucha, just because it's SO different and any death matches. Any time I've seen a death match I just sit there asking why they are doing this.
  • light tactical wargaming. Think Heroscape.


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