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    2011 Winner: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    What game knocked your socks off in 2012 by actually being good? Who knew?!

    Most Surprisingly Good Game

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  • Dead or Alive 5. I hadn't played DoA since... 1 or 2. But 5 sounded like they really focused on making the fighting mechanics better. I don't know how well it compared to the last couple, but I actually really enjoyed the gameplay. And as ridiculous as the cutscenes were, they had a kind of funny B-movie feel to them.
  • I want to vote either Sleeping Dogs or Blades of Time. I expected Sleeping Dogs to at least be good, but it turned out to be phenomenal. I didn't know what to expect from Blades of Time and it ended up being great.
  • The Walking Dead: Mainly because I was expecting a big stinker after what we saw what Telltale did with Jurassic Park, so I was expecting a dry, boring, and bare experience but decided to dip into it anyways seeing as I really love zombies and the show has captivated me a little.

    Booting up the game I was instantly hooked, and began to really enjoy the relationship between Clementine and Lee. The game threw emotions at you, tough choices, and zombies too! The characters were all exceptionally well done and I was always waiting for the next episode to drop. This was definitely one of the best games to experience in 2012.

    I went in expecting a shit-show, and came out adoring the whole experience.
  • I know this series has many fanboys but Hitman Absolution for me. The game fixed every issue I had with the series at last. More like this please!
  • Sleeping Dogs. The walking dead was a surprise but I expected that to at least be okay. I didn't really expect anything from sleeping dogs. Passed around developers for years. Originally a true crime game. That all spelled out shite show to me.

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