Rate The Death Scene Above You
  • Not like real media, but in films/television/games. Post some death scenes, and explain why you've chosen them. Try limiting to at-least on per post. Person below rates the death scene out of 10. Pretty self explanatory and hey, it could be extremely fun.

    Also, if it's a spoiler or something from a television show, movie, or game please state so. For example, we all know McCauley Culkin (sp?) dies in My Girl, but some people may still be going through Game Of Thrones and doesn't know who all dies, so if you feel like it'll be a spoiler state so like this.. and toss spoiler tags around it.

    Spoiler: Example Spoiler, don't watch if you don't want the movie/game/series spoiled.

    I'll begin with this tear-jerker. Not really.

  • 5/10 It was to dark to see anything and it ended too quickly with no blood.
    From: Day of The Dead
  • 7/10

    Pretty iconic, but a little over-the-top. The one I posted is just really iconic, and wasn't really meant to show any blood.

    Toxic Avenger - Bicycle Kid

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