Atlus "Ho-Jrif-Jryum"
  • "Half off just about everything for just about a month."

    It's an Atlus PSN sale! Persona 3 Portable for $10(you crazy?!), Catherine for $20, Persona 2 for $15 and a bunch of other games for $10 or less. The only thing that's missing from this sale are Atlus' PS2 games on PSN, but hey, they're cheap enough already. Go get yourself some Atlus goodness!


    (Advisable to view the full size image.)


    Noob mistake: I spelt the thread wrong. :( It's supposed to be Ho-Jaif-Jayum!
  • If I had a PSP, I would buy the shit out of P3P.
  • I am definitely picking up some of these. Great prices ;)

    The Cursed Crusade for $14.99 yes please! ;)
  • whatthefbomb said:
    If I had a PSP, I would buy the shit out of P3P.

    As should everyone else. It's a really fantastic port, probably the best game I've played on my PSP. (Yes, I know it's technically a PS2 game)

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