Playstation Plus - July
  • I recently bought playstation plus (last month) and in June the games given away to members were fucking awesome. So what do playstation plus members get in July?

    Gotham City Imposters
    Pacman Championship Edition DX
    Renegade Ops

    What do you think of the offerings for July?

    I personally own two of those games and although they are awesome I am a little annoyed that the content given away is shit I already own. Oh well guess I will have to wait till next month.
  • I think Playstation Plus is quite the deal :)
  • imposters is pretty much dead..i was so into that game..embeded myself into the community and even got myself featured as a member on the home page, interviewed me and everything *nods* im dissapointed with how it turned out..control was shifted over to the B team so the A team could go work on a hobbit game and the B team just let the game rot.

    im always up for pacman so thats worth a DL i suppose..can't say im interested in Renegade Ops though, im kinda dissapointed..don't get me wrong here, i love the fact that they give us shit for free..i can't give them enough praise for that but after what they gave us last month..this month doesn't even come close
  • Gotham City Imposters seemed like a really good deal until I read Crymzen say it has died already.
  • I just got GC this week on the 360 and it's still pretty alive there. Maybe being a part of the plus deal will bring more people.
  • I just played Imposters on PS3 a couple weeks ago and it was ok. Except only on TDM, I literally waited like 10 min for a fumigation match. Never did get one. Renegade Ops is fun but I barely played it, it's a stick shooter where you go from objective to objective. Pac Man CE is damn cool too.

    Next month they're gonna have either Flower and/or Journey and a God of War game and a couple PS1/PS2 classics. Guarantee it.

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