hoping someone can help me with my new...and first ipod.
  • i have all my cd's saved and backed up on multiple hard drives. i made sure that i would never have to download all those disks again and there are a lot, over 1000 total although i think i only have several hundred saved on my drives......but wait i just got a new ipod and all those songs i have, yeah since i never had an ipod i saved them to my WMP. so the question is this, is there any way to send those songs from windows over to my itunes account? i looked for a while and tried clicking the buttons that say import or export but nothing seems to help. it would be a major bummer to have to reburn all those cd's just so i can burn them to my itunes account.
  • cant you just select all the songs in wmp (ctrl + a) and drag and drop into the itunes window?
  • Drag the folder onto your iTunes and it should do it all.

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