The E3 2012 Thread
  • Gaming's biggest news-conference is sure to be full of big announcements. Use this thread to discuss all things E3.


    Monday, June 4
    E3 Begins
    9:30am-Microsoft Press Conference
    1:00pm-EA Press Conference
    3:00pm-Ubisoft Press Conference
    6:00pm-Sony Press Conference

    Tuesday, June 5
    E3 Begins
    9:00am-Nintendo Press Conference
    1:00pm-Assassin's Creed 3
    1:30pm-SECRET E3 GAME!!
    2:00pm-Tomb Raider
    2:20pm-SECRET E3 GAME!!
    2:40pm-Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
    3:00pm-Resident Evil 6
    3:20pm-SECRET E3 GAME!!
    3:40pm-Darksiders II
    4:00pm-Forza Horizon
    (lol>)4:20pm-Fable: The Journey(4:40pm-Halo 4
    5:00pm-SECRET E3 GAME!!
    5:20pm-SECRET E3 GAME!!
    5:40pm-The Last of Us
    6:00pm-SECRET E3 GAME!!
    6:20pm-God of War: Ascension
    6:40pm-PlayStation All-Stars
    Wednesday, June 6
    E3 Begins
    11:00am-Ni No Kuni
    11:20am-Far Cry 3
    11:40am-SECRET E3 GAME!!
    12:00pm-SECRET E3 GAME!!
    12:20pm-Crysis 3
    12:40pm-Sleeping Dogs
    2:00pm-Kingdom Hearts 3DS
    2:20pm-Hitman: Absolution
    2:40pm-Spec Ops: The Line
    3:00pm-Transformers: FoC
    3:20pm-The Walking Dead: Episode 2
    3:40pm-Dead or Alive 5
    4:00pm-LittleBigPlanet Karting
    4:20pm-Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
    4:40pm-The Unfinished Swan
    5:00pm-The Amazing Spider-Man
    5:40pm-XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    6:00pm-Borderlands 2
    6:20pm-Dust 514
    6:40pm-The Elder Scrolls Online

    Thursday, June 7
    E3 Begins
    11:00am-Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    11:20am-LEGO Batman 2
    11:40am-Persona 4 Arena
    12:00pm-DmC (Devil May Cry)
    12:20pm-Lost Planet 3
    12:40pm-SECRET E3 GAME!!
    2:00pmWorld of Warplanes
    2:20pm-Quantum Conundrum
    2:40pm-Metro: Last Light
    3:00pm-PlanetSide 2
    3:20pm-Disney Epic Mickey 2
    3:40pm-Aliens: Colonial Marines
    4:00pm-LittleBigPlanet Vita
    4:20pm-SECRET E3 GAME!!
    5:00pm-Star Trek

  • Someone should share all the NeoGaf jokes that gave us Translator Guy and stuff, that's the best part of E3.
  • GoodEnoughForMe said:
    Someone should share all the NeoGaf jokes that gave us Translator Guy and stuff, that's the best part of E3.









    There's a LOT more out there. This one has been giving me the giggelz.

  • Hah, those are good and E3 hasn't even arrived yet. Awesome.
  • HD Remakes! I bet at least 75% of those secret games are HD remakes lol. Kingdom Hearts HD anyone? I'm also noticing a huge lack of Vita stuff on the list. Other than LittleBigPlanet for the Vita I don't see anything? That's really surprising since Sony REALLY need to do something with it to make it start selling again.
  • closing because other E3 threads are up meow.
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