What scares you?
  • Simple enough question, what scares you? This question is open to anything, scared of scissors? Say so. Scared that you will find out you've been plugged into the Matrix? Say so.

    Personally, I'm scared of being homeless. It's pretty much rock bottom for how far you can fall, and it ain't an easy journey back up. With this fear I actually have a plan as to what do if that ever happens. My plan? Get sent to jail. I'd try to make sure that it was the least destructive crime possible, but make sure it still carried a jail sentence. At least with jail you have access to food, warmth, and cleansing. Sure it wouldn't be fun to be around so many bad people, but it's either that or hang around piles of shit in the cold, diving into bins looking for food.
  • Rats, and mice. Fucking petrified of those little fuckers. No joke, if I see one scurrying around I'll freak shit and go somewhere else in the house. This one time we had a bad rodent problem and I was playing Far Cry 2, I saw a mouse scurry across the floor and proceeded to lift my feet up, and sit on them (cross-legged kind of deal). No idea why I'm so scared of them, they just creep me out.

    Oh, and I also am quite terrified of the dark. It's not as bad as it used to be, but it's still there some-what. Heights are a no go as well.
  • Roaches. Don't ask me why but growing up in Hawaii (where they got wings) If one lands on my I am petrified with fear GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!! Spiders don't get me nearly as bad as a Roach... ok maybe a big hairy spider but...

    Oh yeah... I have a 'healthy' fear of heights as well. And who can blame me?? My equilibrium is medically shot, I can fall over in a gust of wind. So I call that a 'healthy' fear.
  • There are a few thing that I am terrified of. One of them is spiders. Hate those fuckers and you can bet that when I see one no matter how small it is there is a 90% chance that I scream and jump as far away from the thing as possible sometimes causing injury to my self.

    Another thing that I am really scared of is commitment/marriage. I have been married twice and each of those times it was like pulling teeth to get me to say okay to getting married and tbh most of it was because I got sick of being hounded about it for a few years. I was married for the first time when I was 18 after my mother hounding me since I was 14 to marry him because he was a 'good guy'. The 2nd time it took four years of being with him before I got married to him and even then it was like pulling teeth. What makes it weird is that the idea of marriage its self appeals to me however, I still have fears that go beyond the norm. Hell most the time it take me a good 6-8 months just to admit that I have a boyfriend.

    My plan for the spiders-already in place. Run, scream and point till my son kills the thing for me. if there is no one there then I am fucked.
    As far as the commitment issue... well I don't know really. Just take it as it comes and see where it goes.
  • Well I still live my parents so I don't have any big issues to worry about. Stuff like taxes, homelessness, major bills, etc are not a thing for me, at least for now. So my fears are pretty petty for the most part. Spiders and snakes(seriously that SnakeX guy is just scary :p) scare the piss outta me. Seriously I remember this one time I was just walking home when a gardener snake came out of the grass right in front of me. I have never jumped so high before and my heart was like a racehorse.

    A less petty one is due to my shyness. Even if it is a meme I do worry about being #ForeverAlone. But who know. In college I could become a completely different person.
  • Aside from philosophical junk like wasting my life or not making use of every single day I'm lucky enough to spend time with the people that I care about.

    Water, or more specifically open water. I don't know why, but it scares the shit out of me - something about the unknown I guess. To put it in perspective I won't play many video games that involve water. Most recent example was Tomb Raider.. Underworld(?) where in the opening of the game you are on some boat and you have to dive underwater. I nope'd and turned the game off within 5 minutes because I was constantly uncomfortable.
  • Spiders on the ceiling. I have no fucking idea how to deal with them in a way that wont make them fall on my face and then bite my eye and then I die.
    Oh fuck, what about a pregnant spider on the ceiling? God damn it, Chip.
  • Heights.

    And Flying.

    Yep. I drink on planes ALL THE TIME.
  • Nancy Pelosi and Pat Buchanan
  • gilligan said:
    Nancy Pelosi and Pat Buchanan

  • Recently, death. That's some confusing, scary stuff. I don't let myself think about it much though, so it's not really a huge issue. Mostly I just tell myself I'll deal with death when I'm dead.

    I'm selectively afraid of spiders. Sometimes they scare me, sometimes I'm indifferent about them, with no real reason dictating the difference in feelings.
  • Scared of heights if i have to depend on my self. I more specifically hate climb stairs for water slides.
    Lightning terrifies me. It does not help that I work in a garden center where I have, on many occasions had to work outside in a thunder storm with a metal spade.
    Being old is one is probably the worst because I can't avoid it. I also work at a senior residence and it's the most depressing way of life i can think of.
  • I have a little bit of Agoraphobia as well when I am in a space with lots of people and there is not someone there that I trust. Airports are very hard for me when I am by myself. Also have issues with tunnels on public transportation. Inside I feel like I am going to start screaming and try to hide under a seat but for the most part I think I hide it pretty good. I think but often times after it is said and done I am sitting in a corner crying for a while once I get home. I know that it is an unreasonable fear but I can not help it. Can not shake the feeling that there is someone there that is going to hurt me again.
  • Crowds? Can't really think of anything that really scares me, but I hate large groups of people, parties, ect. When I see them I leave so I suppose you could call it a fear.

    I'm also not fond of bugs in general, but if I see them I kill them so I suppose that really isn't a fear.
  • FearTheLiving said:
    Crowds? Can't really think of anything that really scares me, but I hate large groups of people, parties, ect. When I see them I leave so I suppose you could call it a fear.

    I'm also not fond of bugs in general, but if I see them I kill them so I suppose that really isn't a fear.

    Crowds aren't my favorite thing either. I feel very awkward and uncomfortable in a room full of people I don't know. Always paranoid that they're picking me apart, and thinking of flaws about me in their heads.
  • what scares me the most and something that i constantly think about is not having anybody to turn too when things get really bad, i dont know why but it frightens me extremely
  • I'm terrified of skulls, especially if they have the lower jaw. Strangest thing, I know, but I think this stems back to when I was a kid and there was this giant skull at the end of a level of Jill of the Jungle that I wasn't expecting and it scared the hell outta me.

    I don't like heights either, but if I'm strapped in it's not a big deal. I love rollercoasters, for instance. The crazier, the better.

    I'm afraid of pain. I get intrusive thoughts all the time of me getting horribly injured, and they really bother me.

    I'm terrified of myself. Seriously. I'm afraid I'm a ticking time bomb and I'm gonna flip my shit and kill someone in an act of rage or desperation for attention.

    I'm not afraid of being alone, I just hate it. I've come to the conclusion I'm going to be alone forever, so I just kind of solemnly accept it.
  • Climbing Ladders. Fucking Ladders. Fuck Ladders.

    I can't really say I am afraid of crowds but I do dislike being in large group of people, like in a mall or something. There is just way too much noise all over the place which makes me disoriented.
  • Ya FACE!!!!!!!
    but seriously though wasps. i freak out every time i see them
  • Penis guillotines......
  • I always envisioned a giant crab leg coming out of the ocean to eat me (good thing I live on the west coast... no giant crabs out here). Giant Penguins also scare me. I might start a Penguin basketball team if I collect enough of them though.
  • Clowns

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