Minecraft - building 2 - Pirate port
  • ok so its that time again another big build.

    There have been some changes to the server since the last one, There is now chest protection, shops and mobs. But also the spawn point has moved into town.

    Now during build events i have agreed to turn the mobs off so it should be safe to build for the next week, And what are we building? (I wish you were asking) This time we are building a Pirate port, so batton down the hatches, light the fires, and Arrrr!

    Here is the spot i have picked


    Today i am going to be working on getting a road there so tomorrow (when the event actually starts) we can all find our way over to it...

    Until then feel free to post plans, any inspiring pirate town pictures or just shanties to keep us going through the long night.

    The event will start on saturday (my time) end next sunday. Good luck!
  • Yeah :D more building plans cool
  • When we talked about it I liked the idea, but wasn't convinced it was the best option.
    but now I'm excited. that's an awesome screen shot. :D

    Will it have a lighthouse? To the right or on that cliff? Something has to be on that cliff.

    Edit: Not to bug you more about it Steve. but the spawn in the village makes it so you can't opening doors or edit blocks in the area.
  • Of course the other sever I play on that has an amazing pirate ship on it is down. If it comes back up soon. I will post pics of it.
  • Ok chaps, its event time.

    I am seeing narrow streets, dirty alleyways, mismatched buildings, bars, boats, lighthouses, and maybe even a "house of a pirate king"

    But first i think we should start with the pier. as it will be essential to all the pirates we are looking to attract.
  • this is hat I was talking about Steve.


    Please say yes. It is fitting and looks soo fun
  • The Pirate Port is being built at a phenomenal rate, it's pretty much it's own hub already and we haven't even gotten around to building huge ships yet. And it's all hooked up with rail , and also a path via the nether gate.


    View From Pier


    Top down View (Ries Map Mod)

    I'm also making this post to inform people theres mega bad server lag at the moment due to some server issues which are currently being looked at to by the support team , so we hope that it will all be running smooth again shortly.
  • Here guys its not lettin me join server.
  • The server has been running bad for a few days now, Big Fuzzy Dude. I think it'll be fixed sometime soon. I hope.

    Have any of you heard of this site? http://adventurelobbies.com/
    I'm thinking it may be fun for Noobtoobers to play and talk in skype. :)


    Edit: Thought I'd use Smokestorm's map to show what I think still needs to be done. :P
  • ...... Why would there be so many homes on a pirate dock? Most pirates practically live in their ship as is, considering how they come to be pirates. You just need a big pub full of rum!
  • Chip said:
    ...... Why would there be so many homes on a pirate dock? Most pirates practically live in their ship as is, considering how they come to be pirates. You just need a big pub full of rum!

    It's a pirate island! It doesn't really have to make sense, snippy Chippy. I like it. There can be a lot of taverns then and "homes" a.k.a. places where the pirates can pass out drunk from a night of frivolities.
  • Think it's fixed!
  • yes it is almost certainly fixed now, they took the machine down for repairs and now its back in full working order.

    As its been unplayable for a few days now i think its only right to extend the build to Thursday, i know we have atleast 1 big ship and a pirate mansion yet to build, I am still occudied with my family until tomorrow, but when their visit is over I will be sure i get on an start something big :)

    hope to see you there
  • ok guys first pirate boat is done
  • as big fuzzy dude said, the first boat is done, he put a lot of effort in and made a lovely little pirate ship


    And, as promised, i made a start on my boat, after many hours of chopping trees, placing planks and removing water, I have (for the most part) finished the out side...


    The port has been coming along very nicely, I cant wait to see how it will develop next!

    Oh and here is a bonus update, When the server was down i made a this.

    And, now its back up i have made this.
  • I got a screenshot of Kratos and Big Fuzzy Dude on the pirate mansion, that's what it looks like so far. The tower on the right belongs to Kratos.
    I think 3 floors should be good. anyone that wants to add to it is welcome to do so. :)


    Also here is a SS of me standing over the cold dead bones of a skeleton. *PEWPEWPEW*

  • Chip, Steve said mobs killed them.

    Also, I think I'm going to try these texture packs. thought I'd post about them. :)


    Some people on that site don't know how to show their texture packs very well. :\
  • 3 dudes goofing around :P
    Yours truly
  • Here are some of the pictures I got. XD
    Also I'll just link to the album, for anyone that wants to see them all. I'm not the best at getting screenshots, I even deleted a lot..





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