Your thoughts on Valentine's Day?
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    It's nearing that time again where you're socially expected(?) to lavish each other with affection as you spend your money on chocolates and necklaces and necklaces of chocolate and chocolate studded necklaces. How do you approach this "holiday"? Do you not bother with the social convention? Are you in a special circumstance (such as long distance etc.) that means you celebrate things a little differently? What say you?

    Personally, I don't care for it. Sure, it's nice to celebrate, but I think if you need to wait until occasions such as Valentine's Day or your Anniversary in order to be motivated enough to show each other that you care, it doesn't reflect well on your relationship. I wouldn't say shower people with gifts and attention on a constant basis, just that I imagine the little things now and then would go a lot further than material gifts.

    Mind you, not that I would say no to a gift now and then. I just wouldn't want a relationship founded upon it.

  • In Japan the girls give the men chocolates on Valentine's Day.

    Thus I have no problem with Valentine's Day.

    Except that it shares the same initials as Venereal Disease. Unfortunate, yet appropriate.
  • im not a fan of forced show of affection. also not in a relationship at the moment but in the years that i was during valentines day i would celebrate it in the generic way with flowers chocolates, sometimes cards. but i would save the honest acts of affection for other times, like if we havnt seen each other for a week or before a trip when we wont see each other for a while.
    its just that on that day you have to do something, nobody wants their girlfriend to be the only one at their job that didnt get flowers on valentines day.
  • I hate it. It seems to be a way to remind the lonely just how hopeless their situation is.
  • I don't like it. It just seems so insincere to have a holiday where you're expected to buy people gifts/be romantic. Plus, it's so generic, expecting people to get certain things for their loved ones so of course those items are way overpriced, and restaurants are packed. If people want to celebrate it, that's fine, but I rather just stay home and treat it like any other day. Also, I rather be thoughtful with my partner year round rather than one day and then be all unhappy about it because it didn't go as planned or something stupid like that.
  • I don't think it's worth thinking about, whether your in a relationship or not. I'm not saying I ignore Valentines and when in a relationship I would do what needs to be done I'm just sayin I'm not willing to force anything ever. It's like Christmas. I don't give because of Christmas, I give on the off occasion that I feel like it, and with Christmas being in a long 3-month string of holidays I actually enjoy getting caught up in the environment and giving at that appropriate time. It's not because it's Christmas.

    In the same way, if you flood me with enough 'Valentines' Ads and subtle reminders I'd probably get something! I don't hate it or anything, I just tend to ignore it when nothing's going on.
  • Don't care! I'm single and a free man, unbound by the chains of tradition!
  • In a loving relationship, you should hear the whole 'I love you' bit everyday anyhow. Ideally, both of you say it to each other, and mean it.

    That's the theory anyway. It doesn't always work out that way. Hence why marketers created a day to guilt all of us who ARE in relationships to remember to say 'I love you' on occasion.

  • I don't love nor will I ever be loved. Valentines Day is a holiday for Other People™.
  • I failed to convince my boyfriend last year that he didn't have to do/give me anything. We made it through the whole day just hanging out, went to dinner with friends, just had a fun day. Then stoping at the grocery store on the way home he tried to buy me one of those chocolate flowers on a stick for VDay and when I said I didn't need it he admited he felt like a bad boyfriend for not getting anything.

    So I told him to buy me Microsoft points so we could buy an XBLA game to play together. And he did and we did and it was the best VDay ever.

    This year we can't spend the day together because of work, but I'm going up to see him on the weekend. Our plan is to get together with friends and go pub hopping looking for the best place to eat wings and play pool. And if he buys me some hot wings and a beer and I buy him the same I think it'll be the perfect VDay.
  • Yeah it's the day after a significant day of celebration for me, so I'm always hungover for it. I've never enjoyed 14th Feb.

    Although, (and this sounds like bragging, but believe me, it isn't) one year (I was 21 -22) I thought I was pretty cool and was stringing along three different girls... until Valentine's Day reared it's ugly ugly ugly ugly head. Yeah... multiple relationships and Valentine's Day do not mix, financially, emotionally, physically or temporally.

    I once went to my local community centre to vote on Valentine's Day clad only in silken boxers - oh, and with a blonde and a brunette, both in nighties, on either arm. So Valentine's Day has at least one happy memory. Yeah, now I AM bragging.

    These days, my missus and I see it as a Hallmark Holiday designed to sell crap & cards, and we do not participate (not that we could afford to).

  • Well, I've never had a girlfriend and as the years go by it's becoming more of an annoyance. That being said, I have no problem swooning a girl and making her happy with presents/taking her out. When I'm older with a steady income and girl, I'd like to be able to get her something nice on a day like Valentines day, and make it something special. There are 365 days in a year, holidays are few and far between; might as well make them special.

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