What's your favorite cereal?
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    I've been dipping back into cereal for some extra carbs, and Ive come to realize that I fucking love the food. What's your favorite of the hundreds of different kinds out there?


    My favorite would have to be... Cinanmon Toast Crunch. Shits soooooooooo good![/center]
  • I don't like milk or any dairy products, so I tend to have a weird way of liking cereal. I don't eat it much, but I always have a box at hand for a quick snack. I never eat cereal with milk, only dry.

    I usually like cherios dry, fruity cherios are good too as a healthy snack. I used to like any general type of dry granola, but granola isn't all that healthy for you compared to simpler whole grain stuff.
  • I love me some Crunchy Nut and Mini Wheats but I'm gonna have to go with Reeses puffs,stuffs amazing w/milk AND dry.
  • Depends on the week to be honest, one week Cheerios will be my favourite, then Rice Krispies, then Shreddies, then Coco Rocks. Changes constantly. However, there was one cereal that was the best cereal I had ever tasted, it was a Scooby Doo product, I can't remember the name. It had chocolate flavoured cereal, some with milk chocolate inside, and some were covered in white chocolate. It was amazing. The thing I hate most about cereal is when it goes soggy, I like the crunch, with the Scooby Doo cereal the pieces covered in white chocolate were basically milk resistant, forever crunchy, so I got the crunchiness I wanted but not too much of it. It was perfect. I finished the box pretty fucking fast, and when I went back to get more, there was none, and hasn't been since. My theory is that it was quietly banned from sale, all that chocolate can't be good for a kid waking up for school. I still hold out hope and always check the cereal isle for it years after.
  • Sultana bran / rasin bran in some countries apparently. Sounds kinda ehh but its actually really nice.

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  • Didn't know they renaimed Raisin Bran. Do they still use the sun guy as a mascot?? Doesn't look like it though.

    Anyway my fave is actually the cheapest cereal you can find. I have a thing for starchy carboard... I mean corn flakes. I prefer them actually made out of corn, not the stuff you get in the name brand. I'm not sure where I got it, but I think it was simply Winco bran. I don't know, it tasted like REAL CORN!!
    (just guessing... but my research says house brand at winco is hytop... but I recall that it came from a package not a box!!... but this stuff gets rave reviews so I might be wrong...)

    Oh I also got this HUGE (double sized box!) amount of 'Mother's Best' Honey Nut Cheerios stuff. Don't think it was on sale either, but it was good and it was a lot of cereal, well worth the bargain basement price. I don't go around shopping like a poor person (unless I'm looking to donate to the food bank :D Karma can really be a bitch sometimes :x) but the box just caught my eye, it was a brand I'd never seen before and it looked like one of those all natural brands (you know, sparse box design) at wholesale price and size!! I couldn't resist at least one trial box! They also had a smallish box of Golden Graham knockoffs, and I LOVE me my Golden Grahams... and it was SUPER cheap!!

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