Things to do alone in the dark
  • If you're alone in the dark, unable to sleep or just taken hostage and thrown into a dark room.. What can/would you do to keep yourself occupied? No handheld devices or anything, just whats around you normally while you try and sleep (or escape depending on the scenario you chose).

    There are only a handful of things I can think of. Like playing with your body............. think what you want about that but I'm thinking more along the lines of trying to do things like lick your elbow, seeing how far you can twist your arm without injury, trying to tickle yourself that sort of thing.

    Another was looking at a digital clock and seeing how many times you could blink your eyes before the minute changed, then try and beat that record. And along those same lines seeing how long you can keep your eyes open without blinking.

    The other things I thought of I'll keep to myself for now to see if anyone else thinks of them too.
  • meditation
  • throwing a ball against the wall and catching it on the rebound while talking on the phone...easy in the light...impossible in the dark!
  • i would write and draw a comic in my mind, thinking in characters , locations, art style, plot and then the dialog, later i would try to remember as much as i can , imagination can be pretty strong when your isolated.
  • something involving lube and a Latex implement? :p
  • Tell myself a story or create one of my own. Perhaps take another and twist it to my favor.
    I like stories.
  • its funny that i was just watching 'take the money and run', if you dont know the people with the money get thrown in solitary confinement for 48 hours with no more than a journal and basic health supplies. so of course i was thinking what would i do, the answer i came up with was exercise...push-ups, sit-ups, and working out whatever wasnt hurting. if it was dark of course i would take a walk over to the toilet and work out my right arm. but on the show they had cameras on you.

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