How was your 2011?
  • The end of the year is approaching and it's a chance to reflect on the year.

    At the beginning of the year, I was in university averaging an A/B for my Politics degree, I was working part-time on the weekends, and I attended the gym regularly. But in March, I had a mental breakdown, and now I do none of these. Haven't really recovered since. Gone from self-harm to anti-depressants.

    ...Yeah, mine was pretty shit for the most part, but I'm sure you guys have happier tales.

    So, Noobtoob, how was your 2011?
  • Lots of bad choices made, but I'm surviving. That's life. Trying not to measure year-to-year. One thing at a time.
  • Was doing pretty decent at college as well, but around the end of summer, I decided that computer science was not for me. It was helpful to get accustomed to programming, yet it is no where near as useful to make games.

    I decided to drop college after four different majors I jumped around, knowing that I did not have a plan at all what so ever in these last years in college. Right now I am still looking for a job ever since I ended with my summer period. It is still the same as last year: horrible luck finding one single job. I really do not know what exactly I am doing wrong.

    Yep, bad ALL the things this year.
  • 生命是苦谛

    2011 was just sort of there for me. Hopefully it is a stepping stone or something. I'd like to get something out of it!
  • The year has gotten better in some ways and a little worse in others. The worse part is that financially, this year wasn't very good and it definitely won't improve next year. I'm feeling uncomfortable about that currently but I'm not sure what else I can really do besides get a second job, which I might have to do. Either that or learn to live even more frugally than I did before.

    Otherwise, the year started off quite frustrating especially where work is concerned, but I feel like I handled some situations well and things have slowly improved at least for the time being.

    Overall, I have been feeling a little more self confident lately and I'm trying to get more involved with my loved ones, family and friends, and appreciate their company more. It can be hard when work kinda sucks the energy out of you though. I'm hopeful that things will get better in the long run.

    By the way.... *hugs for AshGooner*
  • Pretty solid year. No major complaints. Hope everyone's turn around for the better!
  • AshGooner said:
    But in March, I had a mental breakdown, and now I do none of these. Haven't really recovered since. Gone from self-harm to anti-depressants.

    Jesus. I hope you're on the path to recovery Ash. Think you'll be able to get back into Uni next year?

    The year started fairly well as I was finally starting to get to grips with a job that I had struggled with terribly through the second half of '09 and all of '10. Then the middle of the year was defined by the most wonderful, heart-warming, life-affirming thing that can happen in a man's life:

    The Noobtoob UK Meetup.

    Oh and about a week after the Meetup, this little bundle of joy appeared


    ...and well, the rest of the year has disappeared in a blur of nappy changes, feed times, desperate attempts to get a crying baby to sleep and wrestling with prams. I knew having a baby was going to be hard, the hardest thing we'd ever done in fact, but I didn't know how hard. That said, she's smiling at me from her playmat in almost exactly the position she's in in that picture and it's hard to say that it wasn't worth it :D .

    I think it was this year that I got made a Mod on NT as well. So, yeah, not bad all around. Tonnes better than 2010, that's for sure.
  • Horrible beginning. Went through a massive depression due in part to a relationship with a girl I had no bussiness being with. Then my brother died in June, just a couple weeks after my 21st birthday. I had also just quit a job I had for 4 years, and was not making any money for a couple of weeks. Also, my depression, bad relationship, and old job negatively effected my school work.

    Then at the end of June I started a new job, made some really nice friends at this job, did better in school, and have somehow been able to manage my finances well enough to buy everything my family wanted for Christmas and more, most of the games I wanted, and pay any of my bills that came in the mail. I've had hickups at the end too, all of which were my fault. Got incredibly drunk going out with co-workers, so much so that I jumped off a balcony and ran to my car, hoping to break the car window because my co-workers wouldn't give me my keys back. Thankfully my co-workers got me to sit down, and a few hours later I was good to go.

    It's a been a mixed year. The good in the last half can never erase the shit in the first half, but it does make the year on whole suck less.
  • whatever transition i am in started before this year started and has yet to end. as for day to day, well like you would expect. some are good some are bad.
  • Mine was rather boring ._.

    It was also a rather boring year for gaming in particular. Next year looks much better though.
  • .......... Dull is probably the best word.

    As some people know I'm un-employed, and have been for a while now. A mixture of living in a tiny ass village miles away from anywhere, few qualifications and an inability to sell myself is making this way harder then I thought it'd be. In the New Year I'm gonna swallow my pride and sign on for Jobseekers though, I clearly need the help, I just wish that they wouldn't give me tax payers money. Hopefully it won't be too long until I can re-pay any money they give me. So yeah, fingers crossed that 2012 brings a good job and good money.
  • I spent my first whole year working in the games industry, hoping to set a trend for years to come. Like every year a lot of it was spent on self discovery and reflection and artistic refinement as I gradually decide what sort of person I want to be.
  • Pretty quite good. Learn some lessons that i believe i will not dare do it again in the coming year. I am looking forward to a year full of game events and competitions that attracts a large crowd. To organizers, do it in large venues like nyc conference center.
  • Got laid a TONNNNNNNNNN
    Was totally worth it
    Made my own Minecraft mod with critical allclaim
    What else do I need??? Im on cloud 9
    Great year!!!
  • was k i had a decent time. was a bit more chill this year thanks to my move..a bit boring as well, But i did catch up on some cool anime! just wish i did a bit more stuff though.. u no?
  • GreyAcumen said:
    Got laid a TONNNNNNNNNN
    Was totally worth it
    Made my own Minecraft mod with critical allclaim
    What else do I need??? Im on cloud 9
    Great year!!!

    this man is living the life!
  • Checked myself into a psychiatric hospital three separate times due to depression, manic psychosis, and depression. I also burned a lot of bridges, and made some big decisions regarding my future. On the plus side, I've made some of the best friends anyone could ever have, and that in itself makes the whole year worth it.

    So, it was pretty up and down.
  • Like a bag of mixed sweets, get more ones you dont like that you do...but you still eat them anyway
  • Absolutely terrible. And I'm sure 2012 will be much worse. Hopefully the world just ends. =P

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