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    When: Saturday 17th December at 10PM UK time[/center]

    I've been playing a lot of Civ V lately, so I thought why not see if we can organise a match between Noobtoobers.

    Settings will be the following to ensure a fast match (which by Civ V standards can still take hours):

    - Game name: Noobtoob
    - Map type: Pangaea
    - Map size: Will depend on numbers
    - Game pace: Quick
    - Turn timer enabled
    - DLC disabled, so no one is excluded

    Settings not mentioned will be left on default.

    Requirements to take part:

    - Add AshGooner on Steam to ensure you receive an invite.
    - Post in thread that you wish to take part.
    - Set aside a few hours of your time.

    I'll be Vent as well if you wish to talk while playing, or alternatively you can use the in-game text chat, if you wish.
  • I'd love to take part. I'm shooting a commercial that day though, so I have no idea what time I'll be home. I'll add you anyway. I haven't gotten a chance to try the multiplayer in Civ V, and I'd love to give it a go. My steam id is revengerofvengeance.
  • I'm in! I never get a chance to play Civ 5 with people.

    Steam is dennarai.
  • I have not played civ 5 in forever, seems like a good chance to play it again.
  • You spelled organize wrong *Douche Smile*
  • somaliangangsterpuff said:
    You spelled organize wrong *Douche Smile*

    I can't tell if you're joking or not. :S
  • somaliangangsterpuff said:
    You spelled organize wrong *Douche Smile*

    That's how we Brits spell it, brah.
  • Well, this was a big pile of fail. I hope you guys choke on your Christmas dinners.
  • Sorry man, I seriously wanted to make it, but I was super sick and medicated, so I was out of it and completely forgot.
  • FUCK how did I miss this?
    Dammit. We'll have to do another one of these once I get the internet after I move.

    Edit: oh wait... big pile of fail? :( I'm sorry Ash. Maybe the new year will be better once everything has calmed a fuckton after holiday craziness?
  • Does anyone apart from me still play Civ 5?

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