(PS3) Sunday Showdown!
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    Sunday 9pm Central Time
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    Sign Up: To register for this event, simply post your PSN ID in this thread and I will add you to the list of participants.

    Hey everyone, this is Barret proposing a weekly fighting game even that will take place on Sunday at 9pm central time. This time is not locked in, I'm more interested in hearing when the community is available and what games you own. Basically instead of doing tournaments that will die out or having to make an event for every little game I decided to just host one weekly. So I first want a headcount of what games you all own and if you will be available and then I'll make decisions as to exactly what will be played on what week.

    I want to cover everything current (Tekken 6, SSF4:AE, Blazblue:CS, Mortal Kombat, UMvC3: SSF2:Turbo HD)
    As well as future (UMvC3, King of Fighters XIII, etc)

    1. XxBarretxX - MvC3, SSF4:AE, Blazblue CS, MK, SSF2:HDR
    2. Powerpc127 - MK
    3. Sssargon - MvC3, MK, SSF4:AE, Tekken 6
    4. Lonewolf7 - MK, MvC3, SSF4:AE, Tekken 6
    5. .Ethreal. - Tekken 6, Mortal Kombat
    6. Andrilza - SSF4:AE
  • So yeah I own Tekken 6, MvC3, SSSF4:AE, Blazblue CS, Mortal Kombat, and SF2:THDR. I'll be willing to get Arcana hearts 3 or Soul Calibur IV if they're popular enough i just want a headcount for everything.

    Also props to Chip for adding text to the banner, makes it look a lot less plain.
  • I'd be down for some MK, but that's all I own. I'm free all day and night on sundays so anytime will work. You weren't thinking of doing every game in one day, right? Because if you do a different game each week, then I might not be around by the time you hit MK. Otherwise I'm in.
  • I could do MK and T6, and UMvC3 in the future.
  • great idea Barret, I really like the format you have here!
  • Soul Calibur IV for me! Only Standard Versus, I hate the extra effects. And I am horrendously terrible at BlazBlue, so no BB for me.

    And Soul Calibur V in the far future. :D Also, I think 9pm central time translates into 3am GMT, which is a bit too late for me.
  • I'm up for SSFIV AE. Just got it, but I still have to get used to the PS3 controller's d-pad after playing countless of hours on 360 so there's not much to expect of me... yet.

    PSN ID: Andrilza
  • I'm not sure If I can do anything this Sunday at that time, I have a movie night with friends, but I'd be glad to do something before 7:30pm GMT with anyone. It's been too long since I gamed with friends from NT.
  • I won't be available today.

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