oi sloth wats wid da irc chat thing that dosnt work?
  • works for me....is your java fully updated?
  • Yah it works fine for me too. Make sure you give it a minute after you start it up, the IRC server sends some identity checks that take a minute.
  • although, everytime i have been on there is no one there...is the a specific time when you guys all go on?
  • Neomaster, maybe the server was down when you went on. Its rare but they do go down every now and then.

    lol, yeah. I wish there was some way to say "there are x people in the irc".
  • no idea what ur talkin about so care to explain?
  • image

    This is what we are talking about :) That the IRC might not be working properly and that noone is ever online :P
  • I get on the chat in a sub tab anytime I am on the noob wesite and there are other people listed as being on in the forums, so if anyone sees Im on, down at the bottom of the main forum page, get into the irc chat and well chatter it up.

    Ps. I am always on it when I am updating the wiki or stuff like that so I can ask some questions about stuff to yuzo or tobin if they are on.
    Using this chat feature is super cool, and makes the noob experience much more interactive, plus Yuzo and tobin and the other guys are all really cool so its fun to just bs when they are on.
  • hey yuzo, you should set up a time, to try and get all of the noob toobers on the forums at the same time, so we can set up a new record for the most people on at one time lol, and so we could have a mass irc chat
  • swould be anrcy ...im in
  • when ever i click on it it just comes up with the header and the footer
  • neomaster said:
    when ever i click on it it just comes up with the header and the footer

    Yeah, your java isn't loading properly. Go download the new one~
  • well u all no what my comps like
  • what version?
  • I usually hop into the chat room while I'm reading the forums as well. Sometimes I've run into noobtoobers in there, it's nice to have it around. Maybe people will hop in on wednesday night when the new ep comes out and chat about it. :)
  • neomaster said:
    what version?

    I am using Java2 SE Version 1.5.0 (build 1.5.0_09-b03)

    you will no if its active as when you try and open the chatroom a little java icon should appear next to your clock on your task bar :)

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