early eps
  • hey im new to this, i just saw an episode of noobtoob on youtube and thought it was interesting and so i decided to sign up, and i looked around, but i cant seem to find the first 22 eps of noobtoob. does anyone know where i can watch those?
  • go on the podcast section right next to the forum section, on the right side(the top where it says "The podcast"- its right above "latest podcasts) , there should be a thing that says episode guide that is bolded and highlighted, just click on it and by the way, they are all audio up till 23
  • http://noobtoob.com/podcasts/
    has all of the audio versions

    has all the video

    and ya, there aren't videos before 23
  • can you streem the older episods cuzz I can't downlode them but I wanna hear them
  • dingo the 1st 22 are just audio casts that prob y u cant find em on youtube
  • Sometimes id rather listen to yuzo and tobin talking about how theyre gona play the shit outta a game than listen or watch anything else

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