What Game Did You Like the Customization in?
  • Personally The best one I have seen is in oblivion b4 you begin the game. Of course after you start the game the only thing you can change is your clothing. However, the customizing is very extensive when creating your character. And i thought it was hysterical having my lady character run around in her Granny Panties....Oh the fun hour and one half I had with that game.....
  • Barring the all-new Spore, I would have to say I enjoyed customizing all my mechs in MechWarrior 4. There wasn't much to it, and there weren't actually any cosmetic differences, but I liked it. I also played a BattleBots type robot fighting arena game once that was pretty fun to customize with. ...Yes, I like machines.

    Anyone want to petition Micro$oft/FASA Studio with me so we can have a MechWarrior 5 with Spore-like custom mech creations? Best idea ever, in my opinion.
  • Has to be the Need for Speed games
  • The only game I enjoyed it and its not really Customization but it is at the same time is Gotcha Force. Which you can Customize your robot force before you start a battle. Which bots you used but not what weapons they have. Overall i loved the game and with over 220 types of bots it was really spread out.
  • I have lots of games but I don't know. I think the FIRST game that I played that had cool customization in it was Tribes haha. That game is a classic no matter what anyone says. It had not much but it was an old game. Early-mid 90's I think?

    I like the customization in Soul Caliber IV too which has decent amount for a fighting game.
  • Magic Pengel
  • Monster Hunter.

    image Peace out, yow!
  • Back when I found racing games fun, I really liked the customization in Need for Speed and the Midnight Club games. Just making a car exactly how I wanted it to look, was awesome :P

    Also when I used to like the Tony Hawk games, I think it was T.H.U.G that was the first with a big bit of customization but I can't really remember.

    Ooh, and another game that I used to be into, Smackdown vs Raw, one game like that. Making ridiculous looking wrestlers which didn't even look human, biceps bigger than their head and all, I had a blast with that.

    I used to be easily entertained :)
  • Saint's Row. Being able to make a guy who looks A LOT like me go around and do all sorts of GTA stuff.

    Can't beat that!

  • DookieAdz said:
    Has to be the Need for Speed games

    Yeah Need for Speed always had a lot of great options and you could make a completely different ride every time.

    I also enjoyed the customization in Chrome Hounds. It was really fun building a giant machine that you could run around and destroy shit in. How pleasing it felt to add that new rocket launcher and watch my enemies crumble. Entertainment.
  • I find the source sdk to be nothing but customization.
  • Meta said:
    I find the source sdk to be nothing but customization.

    That's like saying

    I find Photoshop to be nothing but customization.

    which I do!
  • As I have played almost no games, considering how small my month Dragon Money is, the only game I have ever played that has had much customization (that I remember playing) has to be the Final Fantasy Tactics series, particularly Advance. Because the job system was old news, but you could also choose where your cities and plains is going to be and by doing so, you can unlock certain treasures.

    But I do have to agree with Sandata and Maxim. Gotcha Force and Magic Pengel had amazing customization. Well actually, scratch Gotcha Force off because it makes me feel like I'm playing a dumbed down kiddisized Custom Robo.

    Magic Pengel was hard though!!! I don't remember exactly how it went, but you have to draw your own monster to fight with, and depending on the amount of lines the monsters was made with and they type of lines used, its power changed. And everytime you beat a main boss, you would get a new kind of line, so you had to go back and change your monster in whatever way you want.
  • Back in the days of the N64 I spent so long in the character creator of WWF No Mercy. Back then I was in to wrestling so I would spend a load of time recreating as many that were missing from the game as possible, including their ring entrances and moves as close to reality as possible. Plus it was always fun to put myself in there.

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