• How come i can't find any podcast video's before episode 30, like i know u guys only started putin the video on episode 23, but i can't find the episodes of 23-30, they use to be there a while back but there not there anymore.
  • i was wondering the samething...but i just figured that they didn't put them up on itunes back then
  • and there coming in audio like a week late for me so ive missed the last two episodes cause it either wont download or it isnt there.
  • episode 23 is actually the first episode with a video.
  • ^ but waht's the first one released to itunes?
  • I got all of them from iTunes weeks ago so maybe Tobin and Yuzo just took down the older ones to save on bandwidth costs or something. The videos they have up at the moment would still be taking up over 3 gigs!

    EDIT: But you still should be able to watch the older episodes on YouTube.
  • Our first official video started episode #23, but it took a few episodes before we started making hi-res ones for the itunes one, which should explain the gap. Unfortunately we don't keep around any of the original video's so we can't remake the itunes video ones without using the youtube as a source, which would end up looking like garbage.

    Anyhow, I'm not sure how useful the older eps are anyhow since we're trying to be as timely as possible, and they're all still on Youtube so you can view them there if ya'd like.

    That's weird you're seeing probs with the audio feed though. We had one week where the rss feed was jacked up, but the current one should give all eps up to #39 in itunes.

  • what happened to ep 40 is it late?
  • Yeah, our different formats only go back so far.

    If there's a lot of demand, I could see if I can dig out the source for the early videos and kick out high res versions of them, but that'd be a lot of work. I think if you really want to watch the earlier eps, you're gonna have to check out youtube. Besides, our early videos weren't that good. :) I've gotten a lot better at video editing lately.
  • Yeh its has gotten betta with your editing and hi res looks sweet, like i got episode 26 and 28 downloaded before you took them away, they were alright, but yeh you have improved, oh yeh dude i played that devil's barbeque, dude that was awesome
  • It would of been cool to see all the older episodes to see what u guys were talking about, b4 u gain popularity. as far as the iTunes problem, i just watch the episodes on YouTube.

    It could be just be me, but i find Noob Toob better with a video, rather than just audio.
  • BrownMan said:
    It could be just be me, but i find Noob Toob better with a video, rather than just audio.

    Well judging by our numbers of downloads, most of our viewers agree with you. :)

    Poor guys listening don't get to see shit blowing up.
  • It just doesn't feel worth it to me ;p I listen while I go to work...and that's just when I do. So, in that respect, a lot of video-only comments and shit like that, go unheard by mah ears.

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