Being the Bully
  • I have noticed over the past few years that moral choices have been a big fad in games. Mass Effect, Fable, KotOR, Fallout, to name a few, and I understand why. It's makes for good storytelling.

    What I don't understand is why people like taking the evil path. I, personally, have never had the heart to be able to do that (Yes, I feel for video game characters), and I always wonder how and why people do it. Are they looking for something different, are they tired of playing a goody two-shoes, or do they just like watching people suffer when all is said and done?
  • I think it is just more fun. Plus it seems easier not helping the needy and instead just beating them. Granted the first time i played fable i was good. But i replayed it being bad and had a blast (Probly just says something about my personality).
  • Naturally, I am going for the good path. I just don't feel well doing bad stuff when there is the choice of doing good. However, I sometimes get annoyed that the bad path is basically easier. Maybe I should be proud of sticking to my principles ^^.
  • i do it cause its funny and yes i am a bit of a sadisitic :lol: but in gta4 i had to choose whatever gave me the most money and why am i the only one so far thats like this :?:
  • Well i always play "The Dark Side" as you seem to get more rewards for being evil.
    You always end up under-powered,broke and have a lack of good armor or weapons
    when you play the "Good Guy".

    I do sometimes have mercy for other characters though ......actually im not sure you could call it mercy as i kill them but just look away when i do it. :lol:
    Thats only ever happened a few times though.
  • I'll usually try playing a bad guy on the second playthrough just to see the differences. But in games like Oblivion I tend to do all the evil quests first so that I feel like my character is making up for his sins.
  • Sometimes i want a change of pace. I'll try one and then try the other.
  • the evil path in fable....was harder than the normal path and really didn't give me what I thought I would Im a good guy.

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