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  • A game's ability to 'hook you in' in the opening moments can often be crucial in whether you will continue to play it. So my question is what is the best opening sequence in a game?

    Mine has to be Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. I'm going to play it safe and put spoiler tags around my explanation of why because even though this is the opening scene, I don't want to get told off for ruining it for anyone who hasn't played it.

    [spoiler:8c3c35196a]The situation your put in is incredible in itself, but without any context of why your character mudered a man in a Diner, and a police officer just outside the room, your put under pressure immediately. It's a real tense moment because you have to cover up the murder before the anyone finds out and that's what makes it a fabulous opening sequence.

    If you wish to see it for yourself, watch the first few minutes of this video:


    Bioshock is another good one as well.

    What are your favourites?
  • For me the intro into final fantasy 7 is awesome where u see aeris walking through a dark ally, to see the detail of the city, Midgar it really got my excited to explore the game.

    Also the funnest intro, even though i was not a big fan of the game, SKATE.

  • I liked the intro to Skate, it was very Super Troopers in style. I'd never seen it before, but I'm glad I did.

    My favorite is probably the intro to Half-Life. The tram, the test chamber, the weird alien planetscape. Good stuff.

  • I thought the FF8 intro was really good. I didn't think the FF7 intro was good at all.
  • I liked Melee's intro, but not so much Brawls.
  • Mass Effect's opening scene hooked me in immediately, though I have to say it's trumped by CoD 4. My god that was well done.
  • Well the opening to Kingdom Hearts was pretty cool but mostly because it made no sense and was very pretty.

    For gameplay opening I'd say Zone of the Enders 2 was extremely fun, as long as I can count everything up to the first fight with Anubis the opening.
  • I've always like intro sequences that merge into gameplay, there are several over the years that have really stood out for me, the first which blew my mind for the time was Another world (Out of this World), it took me a while to realise that the intro had finished and I was infact playing.

    The next one that did this was Final Fantasy 7 when cloud got off the train, that was an amazing moment too after the nice fly-over of the city. And the only other one that I can think of .. prehaps maybe Bioshock, whilst the intro it'self was rather generic.. I liked the seamless intro/gameplay aspect.
  • hmm can't think of a really good one, but the best that I've played lately would be RE 4, I won't put up a video link as I'm sure most have seen it.
  • Half life 1 n 2, Unreal, Red alert 2, Medal of honor: allied assault, Planescape torment thats all i can think of but i dont play so many SP games, lol
  • Who has seen the motorstorm one would agree it's pretty good I likeit allot especially in HD,
  • FFX's opening was.... a littledifferent to anything I had ever seen before, and therefore intrigued me, I also liked the SoulCalibur 4 opening (PS3 version), but I've yet to come across one which is truly original
  • - The Metal Gear series have always been good at hooking the gamer

    - Silent Hill 1,2 had great intro gameplay sequences - seeing for the first time the foggy Sillent Hill and following a girl that resembled your daugher (beggining of SH1), or going through the woods while hearing strange noises until something "gets wrong" (start of SH2)

    - Beyond Good and Evil - the graphical style and the whole action on the screen at the beginning made me interested in it

    Well there might be some other good intro's, but i can't remember any more right now.

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