The greatest weapon
  • The is my first thread so go easy on me.

    Through all of gaming history there have been a couple of kick ass weapons just wondering which does everyone think is best, can be any game any console.

    For me its between the redeemer (Unreal tournament ), BFG (DOOM), buster sword (FF 7) or the Grav gun (half Life) . Hard to believe that a sword matches up to a big f**king gun in my head but i cant pick.
  • The grav gun isnt exactly a great weapon, in the sense that it does not really blow things up. Though, it is a very fun weapon.
    My favourite is the redeemer coz you can control the rocket and direct into your target....zooom....boooom! MULTIKILL! (yeah I guess the anouncer's voice plays some part in makign this a fun weapon. Furthermore, it is the only weapon I know of that kills you even when you are in god mode.
    I think the redeemer is also more impressive than the BFG.
  • The Fist :wink:
  • almost anything from armed and dangerous
  • I have to go with my old fav, the Neddler, theres nothing more fun than blowing people up in a pink explotion
  • Cloud's Ultima Weapon from FF7 would have to be my favorite weapon. The crystalline look of it is totally sexy, its 6 ft long and about half a foot wide, double edged and powerful. What more could you want? ...Besides 2 of them so you could dual wield?
  • The Blades of Chaos. Thread over.
  • The Console Command.
  • Captain Falcon's right fist.
  • The Celestial Brush :D! You can chop big fuck off rocks/ gnarly trees/ naughty monsters in half, slow down time, turn night in to day and back into night again, get people wasted/ struck by lightning/ trapped by vines/ set on fire! What's not to love
  • HAND OF THOR!!!!!

    either that or that telleport riffle that you can tellefrag people with, and of corse masmune.
  • Probably the Magnum from Resident Evil 2 or Super Sledge from Fallout. Both are my favorite in their weapon type, melee and ranged that is.
  • hm, what about the light arrows from the zelda series, or the hammer of dawn from gears
  • Railgun from Quake 3

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