What got you into Gaming?
  • For me it was when i was 5 or 6 first playing Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. I knew then that this is something that I enjoyed doing and been addicted since then. I remember the good times later on playing Goldeneye with my friends and Super smash bros series and many other. Recently playing Team Fortress 2 with Noobtoobers and Counter Strike and Starcraft and Trackmania and a bunch of other games. What got you into Gaming and you can share memories you used to have or have. Thanks :D
  • My dad had an intellivision and some games on his old ass (black and white holy shit) computer.
  • me and my dad going to the arcades after work to play streets of rage freaking greatest memories!
  • A lack of cable...
  • when i was 6 my grandma got me a super nentendo and a copy of jerassick park and it was love ever seens
  • I spent most of the day as a child at my aunties house. My older cousins had a N64 and we would play Donkey Kong Racing, Rampage, all the good stuff, or at least they did and I watched. Until I got my own one Christmas, it was the happiest day of my life when I opened up that brand new shinny grey N64. I snuck downstairs that night after being unable to play all day cause I had to go to church and all that Christmas junk and set it up. it came with the best game ever... Starfox 64. it was all in after that.
  • When I was like 6 or so, my dad had a Sega Genesis, though I didn't play much. At about 7, he bought me my own N64 with Super Mario 64. The second game I got was Duke Nukem 3D for my 8th birthday. I'm now a well corrupted, gore-loving FPS player. Thanks dad :D
  • mortal combat on the snes an older nabor/family friend (he also owned a mega drive)introduced me to it when i was fairly young we moved and i saved my pocket mony for a ps1 then later got given a n64 ive been hocked sence the first fatilaty(the pit)
  • McMason said:
    A lack of cable...

    I dont have cable either but someday i will maybe
  • My father literally just decided to buy a SNES one day while my family and relatives were at a Toys 'R Us store. I was three at the time I believe, and it came with Super Mario World, which was a great way to get me into gaming.
  • Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark for the N64, that's right!
  • me and highfive used to watch our dad playing the very first sonic, after that rolled the N64 then the dreamcast and next the PS2. PS1 didn't really grab my attention
  • Mario 64 was just amazing. The first game I ever played. Me and my brother didn't even want the N64, but my dad said, "just play this" and we did. We just sat there gawping at the screen playing it and we were just like "wow!". Didn't have a clue what we were doing though :P
  • Well the first game i played was Street Fighter II Turbo:Hyper Fighting (SNES)
    when i was 3 years old so must have been that game.
  • really? Mario N64 guy going around AND SEEING MUSHROOMS come on how cool is that?
  • Super Mario 64 was awesome
  • My father was a gamer, and he had first a NES when I was about three or four and then a SNES when I was around six. I would watch him play Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt all the time and he'd give me a turn every time he died.

    A few games come to mind that we would sit there and play together, the height of which was on the SNES with titles such as Zombies Ate my Neighbors, Super Mario All Stars (Mostly SMW3), The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Raiden Trad, Family Feud, Sim City, Harvest Moon, Chrono Trigger, and even Family Feud.

    Then, after my parents divorce I lived with my mother, so I only got to play every other weekend with my dad, This was quite a bit after N64, Dreamcast, and PS2 had hit, but my father and I still played the games we loved on SNES and NES. Occasionally, though, we'd visit my uncle and oldeer cousin who had a PS1, N64, AND Dreamcast. I'd usually just watch my cousin and his friends play, but occasionally the controler would get passed to me. A few of the games i can remember playing then include House of the Living Dead, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, Sonic Adventure, and though I never got to play it I often watched my cousin play Final Fantasy 7 or Tactics.

    All I had to play at home, meanwhile, was a Game Boy Color with Poke'mon Blue. I spent every free second of my time, at home or otherwise, leveling up my Poke'mon to level 99 in order so I could brag to my friends. Then, for Christmas I received a PS1 from my grandmother and a N64 from my mother. At this point, I knew I loved gaming, but this was the moment when it became one of my biggest hobbies. With games like Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario 64, Poke'mon Snap, Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, and Tactics, Chameleon Twist!, Star fox 64, Flying Dragon, and quite a few others I can't quite remember the name of, I was in gaming heaven. I also eventually upgrading to a GBA.

    I began to experiment with PC gaming around the 5th or 6th grade, with my friend Chris and his older brother Michael. Some of the first PC games I remember playing include Diablo 2, Starcraft, Warcraft 2, a few MUDs, and a lot of the emulation of games that I had missed on the SNES or GBA.

    It was like that for a few years, and I didn't get a next-gen console for about a year or so after their release. The first of which was the PS2, the reason for the choice being my love for the Final Fantasy series. With too many games to list here, I spent a LOT of time with my PS2 until it fell off of my kitchen table and stopped working. At this point, my little brother was old enough to get into gaming with me. My parents bought him a PS2, which we share to this day, and I had the choice between an X-Box or Gamecube. Being a Zelda fan, I opted for the Gamecube and played all of the gems, including Wind Waker, F-Zero GX, Metroid Prime, Animal Crossing, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. After growing tired of the relatively small library, and some convincing from a friend, I sold my Gamecube and bought an X-Box. I never played the original Halo, but I do remember playing Fable, Doom 3, and Jet Set Radio Futures on the system.

    And now, we come to this generation. I just picked up an X-Box 360 this year, so for a while I was still playing games coming out for PS2 like Beyond Good and Evil, or games for my X-Box such as Psychonauts. Eventually, though, along with the Wii came Twilight Princess and I immediately sold my X-Box to buy a new Gamecube. After playing through the game and collecting everything I could, I sold that and bought a DS. Unfortunately, after having a great deal of fun playing the Phoenix Wright, Castlevania, and Animal Crossing games, my 2-year-old sister dumped my red pocket of joy into the toilet. So, I sold all my games and bought FFXII for the PS2. That held me over until my birthday, when I saved up and payed for half of an X-Box 360 console. Now, here I am.
  • Duckhunt and Mario at first and later on i was addicted to Sonic and Street Fighter
  • When I was 2 I was playing sonic 2 at my grandmothers house and when I was 3 we received an N64 from them for Christmas. From there it just expanded. Oh, and when there wasn't truly a ESRB or at least, my parents didn't know about it I had played Mortal Kombat =)
  • Oh the good old days of the snes, but haha my sis got a virtual boy with birthday money lol
  • What got me into gaming was the retro console commodore 64 the first game i ever played ghosts and goblins, bionic commando and skate or die. It was a hand me down but i thought it rocked.
  • Well i watched my Dad playing Resident Evil on the PS1 when i was little. Yeah, i've never even played on a SNES.

    My Dad no longer plays games, but it's all i do now. Runescape got me hardcore, playing hours and hours a day, then Gears made me a true gamer. I was fuckin hardcore on that beast of a game.
  • Ahh Runescape i remember playing that i never got into as much as my friend did though. It was alright for a free rpg.
  • what got me into gaming was when i was like 5 or something my gramps bought me a SNES.

    i couldnt stop playing super mario, jurassic park, and ms. pac man.

    after that i got the n64 and i new i wanted to play games FOORREEVVERERRR!!!
  • well it was probaby pokemon and mario and the like on game boy. I first new i was a gammer when i realised my tender childhood memories where all based on what game i was playing at the time and where i was in it. I remember more about the game then i do my own life, that can't be good.

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