Pac-Man The Movie
  • Lately there have been some GREAT parodies of Video Game movies. These 2 are in my opinion the very best.


    Super Hero...

    Both of these are really funny and well made.

    I especially like the Super Hero take-off. :D

  • Lego version of the Hero Pac Man:
  • I loved the horror film. It shows how this day pretty much everything can be turned in a horror movie. BTW the hero seemed like Haze without nectar...but with drugs and cherries.
  • Wow Pac-Man could be the most extreme action hero ever... oh wait that's Duke Nukem. Man I wish I was clever enough to come up with something like this oh wait how about a romantic comedy where Pac-Man's house is being haunted by wise cracking and through his wacky misadventure to get rid of them he learns to express his feelings to Ms. Pac-Man

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