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  • hey
    i was playing through my Ps2 games the other day, i played a few of the classics as well as my first game for the Ps2 Tony Hawks 4. personaly my favourite gaem in the THPS series. i also had Tony Hawks Proving ground, which is a pile of shit, half the time you have to attle the controls to make your own skate park in the middle of the city. It just got to complex.
    also i started playing my old Pokemons again. yellow, blue and red were as grindy as all fuck, but i never rember them being like that, seriously it's a bout 10 levels in between each new atack, you need mor xp and you get less, it just one massive grind. Leaf green and fire red as well as gold, silver ect. were perfectly fine, then agin dimond and pearl were to complex and weren't as good as previous ones.
    So i started to notice with games like thesse once they found their ballance they were great, but then they go and ruin it, yet series like Final Fantasy, Ratchet and clank and mario are still good even if they are a bit samey.

    Pretty much i'm asking this. what other games can you think of were they found their balance and fucked it over in the sequal, or have retained there balance in a series?
  • Excellent topic.

    I think Metal Gear Solid 1 hit that nearly perfect balance from the ground running. But, it seems he just couldn't leave well enough alone.

    So Kojima kept trying to fix what wasn't broken and every subsequent game got a little worse and little worse.

  • Condemned hands down. The first one is a great game, the second one just fell from greatness. There was WAY too many guns, in the first game guns were more of a hindrance and it was awesome trying to defeat enemies that had them also ammo played a big role and most guns only had 5 to 10 shots. Then in two there were parts were guns were needed and Ethan being a drunk needed a drink ever 5 seconds to keep a steady aim while everyone else were dead shots (even the junkies). They also added in WAY to many cheap deaths and the plot tried to fill in all the holes from the first game but it just came out as a rejected X-Files plot. It wasn't a horrible game and it did do some really good things, like greatly improve the fight system and investigation system, but compared to the original it doesn't hold a torch. Although I don't regret buying it, only $30 bucks for Condemned 1&2!
  • i must say, im sorta a fanboy for the Legend of Zelda. now honestly, they get pretty bad. like, navi screwed up the ocarina of time, then the time/time travel screwed up the mask of zora. now you have the other ones, like twilight princess, and that is just strange, wierd, and bad. like, the wolf concept sucks. the beat all the guys at once is a pain. find the tears makes it impossible. so add TLoZ to the list.
  • SONIC! yes a few 3d games were good. but nothing can make me forget about shadow the hedgehog and sonic 2006, which brings us to unleashed........

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