Have you ever been touched by a game?
  • You know like when a character dies your're sad. If you have felt this then game was it and why? :D

    For me it was Shadow of the Colossus because [spoiler:d8abba33fd]at the end when wander is betrayed by dormin and is killed, it almost made me cry. Just the thought of trying so hard to revive the one you love and dying before you can see them revived hit me hard [/spoiler:d8abba33fd]
  • well, there was one time :cry: It made me so sad :cry:

    [spoiler:de8c01237e]bowser captured peach :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: [/spoiler:de8c01237e]
  • Motherfucking Crisis Core. I was expecting the ending too.... but everyone was right, it's fucking amazing no matter how prepared you are. There have been others, but this is the most recent and the only one I happen to remember at the moment.
  • My tamaguchi died when I was 7, broke my fucking heart.
  • awww dammit i must agree with edge...
  • God said:
    My tamaguchi died when I was 7, broke my fucking heart.
    i was pissed and sad cause i lost mine but it was an r2d2 one :(
  • In Steambot Chronicles
    [spoiler:58493dc36f]When Savory gets shot in the end[/spoiler:58493dc36f]
  • While if you get those attachments for REZ it touches you in a different way. Lol, jk.

    CoD4's ending
    [spoiler:1a4a9b5412]Gaz getting executed sucked because he was so awesome.[/spoiler:1a4a9b5412]

    Ace Combat 6. Although I have my complaints about the story, some of the things that happened were real tearjerkers.

    Lost Odyssey. When Kaim starts learning of his past it was kind of sad.
  • Metal Gear Solid 3.

    [spoiler:fc49f5b841] We will never forget what the Boss did of our country, I still cry every time I see the ending of that game. No other ending in a game has touched my heart in such a way as MGS3. One of the greatest Games ever made, Period.[/spoiler:fc49f5b841]

    Guitar Hero

    No need for a spoiler. not a game that made me cry, but a game that changed my life for ever.

    Legend of Zelda OoT

    Nuff said. Do i really need to to go in detail here. Also, having a tattoo from the game shows something too.
  • Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4. Their endings just wow'd me emotionally in ways no other game has.
  • Yes, a game touched me when I was a young.

    It took years of therapy to get over, but the doctor said it wasn't my fault...

    OH, you meant in an emotional way.


    I thought Max Payne was kind of sad, but it was also goofy, so I didn't really feel the emotional impact for long.

  • I got to admit. The MGS series in general got to me.

    One of the parts in MGS2 that got to me was

    [spoiler:a7167b51da]Where E.E dies in the hands of Otacon from Vamp shoving his knife through her.[/spoiler:a7167b51da]
  • Maxim said:
    In Steambot Chronicles
    [spoiler:12e2d18759]When Savory gets shot in the end[/spoiler:12e2d18759]

    I actually wasn't expecting that at all and was also surprised to learn later that[spoiler:12e2d18759]Dandelion didn't become a nice again and was just executed[/spoiler:12e2d18759] I thought the game was gonna be super happy all the way so I was kinda caught off guard by the ending. Also Crisis Core really got me because the whole story is meant to make you bummed out at the end. Oh and in Persona 3[spoiler:12e2d18759]Chidoris death and resurrection scene made me sad and happy respectively. Junpei was my favorite character in the game and I thought that his relationship with Chidori was done well with all their scenes being brief but consistent and also kinda sweet. So when Chidori died I felt bad for Junpei but also thought it was good for his growth as a character. And even though I could tell it was totally tacked on for FES and a little cheesy I still got a good feeling from Chidoris revival because Junpei finally got a lucky break.[/spoiler:12e2d18759]
  • I imagine alot of you won't have played Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption, but that had a touching ending:

    Anezka was a nun who fell in love with you, a returned, injured knight, during the Crusades, but she was taken and turned into a vampire. You fight to get her back up until modern times. There were a few different endings, bad (you are evil and you kill her), neutral (you join forces with the bad guy, but he makes you his slave and forces you to kill her again) and then ending I got:

    Salvation is hopeless, but Damnation together would be enough. Wow. :cry:
  • SnakeX said:
    Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4. Their endings just wow'd me emotionally in ways no other game has.

    AND THEY MADE YOU THINK SNAKE WAS DEAD FOR LIKE 20 MINUTES! I WAS LIKE NONONO! I knew Kojima might kill him off, but when it happened it didn't want it to. And then they showed him alive and I was like HOW COULD YOU FUCKING DO THIS TO ME?
  • SnakeX said:
    Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4. Their endings just wow'd me emotionally in ways no other game has.

    so true.
  • Nice topic.

    My first would have to be FFX

    [spoiler:82b86a68dc]Come on Tidus killing his own dad and then disapering in-front of all his friends was so sad.[/spoiler:82b86a68dc]

    Half life series

    [spoiler:82b86a68dc]When Elie dies[/spoiler:82b86a68dc]

    GTA 4
    [spoiler:82b86a68dc]When Rownan dies[/spoiler:82b86a68dc]

    P.S On the front page of the forms this topic come up as have you ever been touched.
  • Mafia
    [spoiler:1f146038b5]Tommy Angelo left the Mafia and got the Don and most of "the family" into jail. Everything is fine and he lives on with his family. Then comes the last cutscene. He is already an old man (something like 20 year later, I think) watering his front garden lawn. A car stops and someone comes out. He asks: "Are you Thomas Angelo?" "Yes, what can I do for you?". BOOM...gets shot right into the stomach with a sawed-off shotgun and falls to the ground and dies. He says some final words (as a narrator), but I cannot really remember what he said. Something like "you cannot escape 'the family', in the end they will always catch you ". This was the most touching ending for me in any game. TOMMY WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE?! :cry: [/spoiler:1f146038b5]

    Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    had a touching ending as well. I dont know why, but the way they meet for the first time...again...with the music in the background. Just got to my heart...awww.

    Little Big Adventure 2. I wonder if anyone knows this game. It is one of the best games ever.
    The end cutscene is just so full of joy. It is the perfect ending. The hero saves his friends and saves his planet. Everything goes back to normal. The ones that were enemies are now friends, because you freed their planet from a dictatorship. The hero becomes father. Basically, everyone you met in the game takes part in this huge party at the end. It is just such a perfect happy ending.
    I was a kid when I played that game, but was really really happy about how it ended.
  • Half life series

    The Half-Life 2: Episode 2 ending was intense as well, you are right. :cry:
  • Legacy of Kain: Defiance

    [spoiler:10f2fd524d]When Raziel accepts that his destiny as a savior cannot be restored, he sacrifices himself to let Kain become that savior and defeat their common enemies. They were brothers pitted against each other by the forces of destruction, and in the end, Raziel became both what he once what was and what he had feared, Kain's right hand, his sword.[/spoiler:10f2fd524d]
  • The MGS series again
    [spoiler:727ee343a7]theres a part in number 4 when riden risks his life by stop haven to save snake from being cruched and he loses both his arms :,( [/spoiler:727ee343a7]
  • God said:
    My tamaguchi died when I was 7, broke my fucking heart.

    I'm truly sorry for your loss.....XD

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