Gaming Frustration, enough to make Terminator cry!
  • From the controller to the mouse and keyboard back to the Powerglove, gaming frustration has been as important in gaming culture as the games. Many game companies have tried to prevent this by making games easier or shorter so the misery ends faster. Most gamers, to this day are mad at Nintendo for allowing the "Star Road" to be led right to Bowser on the account that many people have cheated and used it to talk smack.

    As the games revolutionize so does the frustration. It came from throwing that rectangular prism at the T.V. in anger against Pharaoh Man to breaking the Fender in anger to failing Green Grass High Tides.

    Here's the question, what has been the angriest you have ever been due to gaming and what game caused it. If you can remember what happened tell us, now remember this isn't the first time you've been angry by a game but the most anger a game has caused.

    For me it would have to be Super Mario World fighting Bowser. I came to part where he drops the "balls" and I played so much and eventually cried. So my parents called the Nintendo hotline and asked how to pass it, you'll never guess what they said.... jump. At that time I had lost it I took the phone from my mom and basicly started arguing with the guy over the fact that they messed up because you couldn't jump over them you needed more momentum, and I couldn't get any because those stupid koopa things he drops were always blocking my way and by the time I hit them the "balls" had already crushed me.
  • The angriest I've ever been was when the original SF2 came out for SNES and I just knew there had to be a code to let you play as the bosses, especially since there was a code that let you play your clone. I called the Nintendo hotline begging for the code only to be told there wasn't one. I was angry a year later when Capcom released SF2CE and I paid another 79 bucks for it!
  • Nice topic idea.

    2 major memories stick out in my mind.

    First was when I was trying to get the last Bananna Bird in Donkey Kong Country 3. The puzzle was so long and I couldn't get it for the life of me until about an hour of trying.

    Second was when I was playing Midtown Maddness 3 on the Xbox. I got so frustrated at one of the races in campaign mode that I slammed my Controller S against the side of my chair, thus breaking a piece of plastic inside of it which messed up the vibrator spinner thing.

    ...I later fixed it with duct tape, and sold it to a GameStop.
  • I was playing SOCOM one day, and one of my soldiers got stuck in a wall.


  • Hmm. I have two that stand out as well. The first was playing Final Fantasy 2 (which is really 4) for the SNES. I was so emotionally involved with the storyline (no shit--I almost, cried when
    [spoiler:5d5651943c]Parom and Palom turn to stone and stop the walls from closing in.)[/spoiler:5d5651943c]
    Ok... let's be honest--I cried like a child and I remember my father laughing at me.
    None-the-lesst, the part that frustrated me was the end, having reached the final dungeon, I got to the last boss and got my ass smoked time and again. I still have the broken SNES controller that I buried into the particle board TV stand I had in my room. I literally had to battle around the dungeon forever to build up enough to barely take him. However, when I did, it was soo sweet.

    The other time, similar to the first, was playing Ghosts and Ghouls for the NES. I had some friends stay over and we spent all night trying to get to the end. Finally, we gave up and put the game on pause. My brother, having gone to be early that night, woke up and wanted to play duck hunt, so he just turned my game off. I was IRATE, I beat the living shit out of him. :evil: I never played the game again.
  • I cried during super mario land 2. The point of the game is to collect the 6 golden coins and then fight wario. I got 4 or 5 of the golden coins when I lost my last life and it went to the game over screen. At the game over screen they slowly take away all your golden coins and you have to start over from the beginning. It was heart wrenching watching my coins fly away; I cried.
  • Earth Worm Jim made me angry enough to break a control. It was during the submarine bit, where you had to not touch the walls or it cracked the glass and killed you. I used to be able to get to that bit of the game with all my lives, and then lose all of them at that point. I got so fristrated i threw the control and it yanked out of my snes and hit the wall. Good times, good times
  • Tryin to complete COD2 on Vetern difficulty, 3 bullets kill you and the checkpionts are so far apart.
    It made me want to kill babies!
  • I can't really think of a mainstream game...

    But, the freeware game I Wanna Be The Guy drove me INSANE...ALL THE TIME...
  • I Wanna Be The Guy is designed for that though:) Pure evil, but genius because of it. Giant Green Zangief who can shoot Blanka's out of his chest? Awesome
  • Braid now joins the list.

    Battletoads was in the number 1 spot, but Braid is doing a good job of taking its place.

  • I've been playing Contra for the last couple of days. My fingers hurt...
  • God said:
    I've been playing Contra for the last couple of days. My fingers hurt...

    Super Contra is worse.

  • That puzzle in Professor Layton where you have to devide the farm land equally between 4 people. Its even worse because I know the answer is gonna be really simple.
  • Well the first one would be Ninja Gaiden II. I could never beat mentor difficulty and got so damn pissed I nearly broke my controller. I was smashing it against the wall :D

    The second time was when Madagascar for the gamecube. I got to a part where I had to guard a few flowers from a SHITLOAD of spiders. I kept losing and losing to the point where scratched up the disc badly. But not badly enough to break it :(.
  • I think for me, it would have to be Tekken 3. At the time I used to play a weekly tournament with a couple of other guys, having bet a small amount of money (5-10 pounds, can't remember exactly) I came SO close to taking the final. The taunts from the winner didn't help much, and a screwdriver ended up buried in the nearest sideboard out of frustration.

    However, I think much of what makes newer games that bit more bland than some of the old classics, is the very fact that they DON'T get you frustrated. Some of my biggest pay-offs in games, come from beating that frustrating parts. It's a very fine line between making something not-fun, and making it hard enough that you want to go back again and again to beat it.

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