Whats your favorite console?
  • There have been lots of consoles and lots of games. So which is your favorite console? Mine would either be the snes or n64. But Im going to say the n64 because it was more revolutionary. These do not include handhelds or pc.
  • PS1. Possibly the greatest library of games ever.
  • i had to go with the 360,mainly because of XBL,what other console lets you download countless demos to try before you buy,arcade games on your harddrive,if your tried of gaming download a movie or throw in a dvd.you can hook it up to your pc and stream music and stuff.also was the first to have wireless controllers.

    the ps3 also has alot of this functionality but from what ive heard its not up to xbox live standards.
  • its a tie, n64 had some fun classics like super mario 64, mario kart 64, legend of zelda oot 64, and goldeneye...64, but the snes was definitely the most intense console with hardass games like contra megaman x and street fighter and mortal kombat
  • my 360 becuase i just love my 360..may not have as much games as say the ps1 and ps2 but its got one of my favorite games on it...lost odyysey
  • Either the SNES for it's awesome games and grahpics or.. I have to say Xbox 360 just because of Xbox Live Arcade and all the good games
  • I lov 360, achievments and live, you just cant beat it.
  • I spent the majority of my life on the SNES. I can't go back on the device that born me into this world of amazing.
  • even tho I have a ps3, I'll have to go with the ps2
  • I picked the Genesis/Megadrive but the 360 and Atari 2600 come in a VERY close second and third respectively.

  • I'd say my PS2 because it had a HUGE lineup of games and I bought it the year it was released and to this day it still runs fine.

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