What was the First game you ever played?
  • first game ever was a mario game on the game boy, i'm pretty sure it was super mario land.
  • my first was Sonic on the Mega drive
  • The first game i played was mario kart on the n64
  • Super Mario Bros on the SNES :)
  • my first game was either dig dug or super mario land, both were at a friends house. The first game I played on my own system was Zelda on the NES. I worshiped that golden cartridge. I also had Super Mario/Duck Hunt, Mega Man 3, and Final Fantasy 1.
  • The first game I ever played was Soviet Strike on the psx, i got addicted to it lol
  • Mario 64 and damn if that aint a classic nothing is. It's funny coz me and my bro didn't want an N64, but my parents couldn't find what we wanted, and the person in the store recommended it, and as soon as we put it in, we were mesmorised. As soon as it came on virtual console, I had to have it.
  • mine was The Secret Monkey Island on the PC... didn't have a clue what to do, I was about 4, I was just clicking the screen... loved it tho, and still play it to this day, classic game!!
  • The first game I can remember playing was Super Mario Bros. for the NES. I remember going to my cousin's house and she had this game. I played it, and liked to nearly shit my pants in excitement. I relentlessly bugged my parents until they bought me an NES.
  • My first game was Final Fantasy 7 or Pokemon blue not sure which one came first.
  • Takeo said:
    Might of been Turrican for the spectrum 48k ^^, not sure, it was a long time ago.

    Anybody who started gaming on a Speccy gets Props from me.

    The first time I ever saw a video game was an arcade cabinet of Bezerk which blew away my 2 year old mind.

    But, the first game I actively remember actually playing by myself was Donkey Kong.

  • is duck hunt a classic? lmao
  • might have been rampage on nes. this is not including little kid pc games.
  • Probably like most, Mario Bros. XD

    that game rocked.

    a timeless classic.

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