What game would YOU make?
  • Well i have been thinking about this for hours now. But what kind of games would you make?

    Like what would it be based on. What would the characters be? whats the plot? ect...

    So how creative can someone get?

    If a game company like Bungie, or Epic, Or someone like that asked a gamer off the street to make a game. Do you think it would be good?

    So in this thread. See what your mind can pick up and then let your typing to the rest...
  • Depends on how they pulled it off.

    WotC held a contest for a campaign writing competition. The winner had there own campaign world made into a series. During DnD 3.5 era, the competition's winner had his campaign become just as successful as Forgotten Realms (think typical DnD, high magic, portals). People loved Ebberon, and after some resistance I read a few of the books and it is really good.

    So if some company did that, it would be awesome.

    I would do a PROPER GTA Online. No single player, just online. One Massive city, sprinkled with buildings that had interiors. These buildings could essentially become bases. You could start a gang (IE a guild for WoW) and you would make money by... well being a thug and destroying things. No real missions, just jacking cars and killing people while avoiding cops.

    Gang wars would be awesome, you could try to take over someone's base or just park snipers outside of it and laugh as they all ran out. You could even have it work a bit like Chromehounds, allowing areas to be captured and broadening your gang's territory.

    Either that or a COD4 massive battle. Just couldn't do a search in destroy because it would take FOREVER.
  • It will probably end like an arcade crack game. =S
  • Oooh. Good topic.

    My game would be a 3rd person Action fighting game. It would be based in the Roman Colosseum and you are a Gladiator trying to win your freedom. It would be pretty much based on the Colosseum portions of Gladiator.
  • A lot of gamers I talk to don't understand the concepts of good balance in a game so I think that if a big company asked a random gamer to make a game, it'd be pretty crappy. That being said, I'm sure if the project was given to the right person, it'd turn out great. Shigeru Miyamoto was just an artist for arcade cabinets before they asked him to make a game, which turned out to be the great Donkey Kong.

    As far as a game concept of my own goes, If I ever make a game, I want it to be adventure heavy with an involving story, less of a focus on killing everything you see. A combat system where you have to think about how to defeat an enemy, rather than just attacking until they are hit (weak spots or something like that). A progressive increase in the player's abilities to navigate and interact with the environment (like Zelda or Metroid) i/e, obstacles early on in the game that can only be passed later on in the game. I'd also want to give the players a lot to do in their down-time, like Steambot Chronicles or Shenmue. Just little minigames inside the game, like arcades and perhaps side jobs. I'd also want to give the player the ability to rent and decorate an apartment where they could store their most prized possessions they've acquired during their adventure. Graphically, I'd want to avoid realistic, but I also wouldn't want fully cell shaded, I love soft shading with a sort of cartoony look. The environment would also need to be greatly diverse, encompassing many different architectural styles and climates within the game world, also including uniquely different cultures to go with them.
  • I would make a wii game that is an exact copy of Pokemon RBY, except, that when you enter battle, you enter a mode where you fight in Super Smash Bros. style. (Think Pokemon Trainer, but with all original 150 to work with and to fight and beat through the game).

    You would experiences like type fighting, so if you are a Squirtle going against a Pikachu, you may have trouble with the electric attacks. Likewise would a Vulpix against a Poliwirl.

    It would be a copy of RBY in that you can go through the game, catching pokemon and fighting trainers and winning gym battles. You would work with a team of 6 max, like all games, and the matches can have rules (like, you can only use 3 pokemon max in this fight, or no switching, etc).

    Also, since it would be a 2D fighter, and size would be equavalent, you would finally see size of Brock's Onix, or the pain of fighting and hitting a Dugtrio when it keeps digging.

    Yeah, I've given thought into this because I work at a really boring job. I loved Mortal Kombat Armagedon, and I like the original Pokemon games.
  • some sort of zombie-fps-mmo.
  • Mine would be Monkey Mayhem Massacre . Rated M

    Your journey begins in a testing facility on a Tropic island, where the government is performing experiments on animals. You play as subject #135P a chimp whose DNA has been altered with other apes and after a few cutscenes your escape begins.

    The weapons would be like most fps pistol, machine gun, shotgun, etc.. and a banana canon(gta 3 reference). The melee would be using your own monkey strength.

    Power ups/abilities can be learned to aid you with your escape.
    • Poop throwing- temporary renders foes useless as they throw up allowing you to flank them
      peeing- causing an area of the ground to be slippery causing foes to fall and when used on sand makes quicksand traps
      Tail- with your tail you can extend it as a grapple hook to reach high areas/items or whip foes
      Monkey roar- nearby animals will come to your aid and attack your foes
      more strength- with this power up you'll be stronger, able to rip foes in half
      busy hands- able to fire 4 weapons at a time, but you cannot move while firing
      smell- you'll be able to track foes movement

    • Human soldiers-use guns
      Mind controlled Gorillas- they use their massive strength to obliterate you
      mind controlled Spider Monkeys - fight in large numbers, watch you back
      mind controlled Capuchin monkys- Small but fast
      mind controlled Baboons-the elite of the monkey soldiers, their butt is their weak point
      Andacondas- watch where you step
      Crocdiles- don't go in the water(also apes can't swim)

    • It'd be standard fps action but 3rd person platforming will be thrown in at times to make use of your monkey agility and give you some time to breath.

      Most importantly no escorting

      Standard multiplayer- CTF, DM, TDM, KOTH, Co-op

    Side note
    • This would use the source engine as it would allow for good graphics while enabling people with medium-lowend computers to still enjoy it.

    [spoiler:bff7e076ae]You were not an animal experiment but a prisoner of war between humans and apes. The Island is one of the few remaining human rebel bases who seek to over throw the ape warlords that have enslaved humans. You were infact the bad guy, haha[/spoiler:bff7e076ae]
  • Elmano said:
    [spoiler:1007dc9b28]You were not an animal experiment but a prisoner of war between humans and apes. The Island is one of the few remaining human rebel bases who seek to over throw the ape warlords that have enslaved humans. You were infact the bad guy, haha[/spoiler:1007dc9b28]

    Reminds me of I am Legend, the book.
  • I would make a persistent MMOFPS in which each player is part of an army. There are 2 sides and basically every 6 months the game restarts itself but lets players keep their rank. The 2 armies fighting against eachother fight on a virtual world that is crazily huge. There are even Battleships in the skies with a crew of 60. The voice chat is actually very interesting in my game. You can only talk to the people who are remotely close to you. Meaning you will have to yell into your mic to reach people several yards away. Eh, but the idea seems a little too farfetched.
  • Grand Theft Mario:
    Peaches Orgy
  • Wow, what an awesome thread hahaha...

    Well to be honest... I think I would create a first person survivor horror game like condemned... and my geeky little obsession that I do is I write little horror stories... because I always watched horror movies and read books about serial killers its always intrigued me to see how crazy and messed up people can be.

    That's why I loved the condemned series, but this game would have a system link co-op mode (sorry couch guys but I think that making the tv split screen would take away from the intensity and the scariness I would put into my game)
  • Wow.

    So many ideas! What wierd, little, creative minds you have. :lol:

    But it seems that i forgot to mention a game that i wanted to create.
    Well it would be a zombie survival game in which you do anything you can to get to your privite ariport, which is a 31/2 hour drive away(but you wont have a car most of the game)and fly to Europe in pursute of your uncle on a contained, safe, military holding ground.

    It will be an FPS/3PS(kinda like "Alone in the Dark")

    Weapons: will be anything in the game(whether its a chair, or a video game case)
    for ex:If you see a hord of zombies heading your way, ready to rip you limb from limb..but you have a paintball gun, you can shoot out the eyes of the zombies or blind them with the paint in order for you to get away.

    Vehicles: basicly anything you would find outside. Skatebord, bike, scooter, maby your niegbor's Z06 Corvtte? lol

    Controles: You would use the right stick to swing your weapon around but when you get a weapon left trigger would be to aim down the sight or you could just have your crosshair do the aiming and just pull the right trigger to have not as accurate shots.
    Run would be with the left stick and jump would be the A button. The Y botton would be the action button(to flip switches or get in a car) and the B button would for crouching. X button would be for reloading(if you have a gun)and it would also pick up weapons.
    Bumpers would be for perfifeal vision(What this does is have you see everything that moves around you for a better examination of areas)
    and the D-Pad would be for selecting inventory.

    Ememies: Zombies get more and more inteligent through out the game. This will make you have to use different weapons or combo attacts in order for you to bring down the flesh eating monster. Most are running but some are acctually slow because of wounds from there leg..or they dont have legs at all. Some are in flesh eating packs some are just by them selfs trying to mind any living human to gourge apon.

    Plot: You are Will Alon. The C.E.O of the biggest heath coverage system in the world. But your company isnt satisfied of what they have.. They design a plan for the U.S.A(a vaccine that improves stabilance and strangthens the immune system) and then soon after this plan works for the U.S, they will use this same plan for Europe. But when the president of the company wants this project to enfold quicker than plan a flaw in the design is not cought. So in the Year 2010 vaccines are issued and are manditory if you live in the united states. But for some reason Will did not get one and was not issued to get one. 2 years went by and everyone starting having abnormal states of human activty. Cesours, loss of apitite, change in pigment of skin, and brutal behavior(encluding bitting)..
    The rush of the delivory of the vaccine did not see the flaw that would take affect 2 years after vaccination...Death. But this vaccine was also a healer in a way, by bringing the dead to life.
    So 2 years later, Will is sitting in his mantion watching his 42 inch plasma. Drinking like a dog for the last week because of seeing the brutal riots and flesh eating humans on the news. But then.. HIS city gets is starting to feel the effects of the vaccine, but he just drank away. By the time he knew it the whole U.S was swimming in a blood bath. Flesh eating zombies romed the streets and were in search of the living. Waking up in his office chair he gets a call from his uncle in Europe telling him to get over there before he it was too late and he too would walk the streets. But this was easier said than done everysingle transportation was shut down to stop the spead from reaching over seas. The only hope he had left was his own privite airport. A 3 and 1/2 hour drive away...will he get to it in time?

    Online play: basicly you can have CTF, Zombies Vs Humans, Co-op, or survivel which is basicly humans vs bots and the longer you survive the more and more it gets harder to.

    and thats kinda it. if i forgot to mention something say something.
  • Ermm I made a lil picture yesterday being bored when i saw the thread "what have you played today", Tobin at the time was playing Bully.. so I thought of Wall E and mixed the too up.
    For no reason haha

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