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  • Hey d00ds,

    i was wondering what would be the best mouse or keyboard for a sweetoes FPS PC,
    and also i was wondering what would one do when some n00b off bf2 challenges him to 1v1 him in a jet on his server?

    cause what i did was tell him to get fucked. :D!
  • hmmm keyboard doesnt really matter - dont get a wireless mouse, for gaming its absolutely useless and you'll waste tons of money on batteries. Logitech mouses are usually good.
  • Logitech and Razer mice are both good. Some people don't like Razer because they're too flashy. If you want your computer to light up like downtown Tokyo though, you wouldn't want a Logitech.

    The keyboard doesn't really matter, but Razers Tarantula has cache that allows for up to... 16? simultaneous button presses. Normal keyboards offer 3. The Logitech G15 has lots of macro buttons, but that's pretty useless for anything other than an (MMO)RPG/RTS. They do come with a spiffy LCD display that shows things like ammo, health, and with some plugins for the software, CPU temps and other things.
  • I play quite a lot of cod4 in a clan, and some cs:s and tf2 just for fun.

    Keyboard doesn't really matter that much, I wouldn't waste my money on one of those keyboards with lots of bindable keys or with backlight behind the keys.
    I use these microsoft comfort curve 2000 keyboards (should be 10-15 usd), mainly because I also like them for typing.
    They are also liquid-resistant so they can survive a couple of spilled cups of coffee or beers.

    Mouse is a different story, you should look at how accurate a mouse is (logitech mx518, the new logitech 1000hz mx500 and the logitech g5 lasermouse are considered to be some of the most bang-for-your-buck and accurate mice there are).
    You should also look at what kind of extra features you want (some mice can change dpi on the fly, some mice come with weights that you can place in different places in the mouse so you can customize the weight distribution and you should also look at what kind of extra buttons the mouse has (some mice have a 4-way scroll wheel, meaning you can push it to the left and to the right, wich is quite nice as two extra buttons in shooters)).
    But in the end it all comes down to personal preference, I would say, try to find out as much information as you can of the internet on the mice that seem interesting to you, then go to a bigger computerstore to try them out, and then just buy the one you like of the web.

    Also, I tried reading your second question a couple of times but couldn't figure out what you meant.
  • cheers mate
    im thinking about that Razer Tarantula and the new G9 Logitech mouse cause my bro has it and its fantastic while playing BF2 and some other shooters since again, you can change it on the fly and its really good in BF2 when your flying the helicopters you need the extra sensitivity.

    the other question was referring to noobs and how tough they think they are

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