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  • After reading through some peoples complaints with rental services, I realized that IGC's are going to remain kinda limited in participators when so few people can actually get games within 1-2 weeks of release. Some people in Europe get games months after us, even later in Australia, and some people (guys like me, highschoolers) can;t afford all these games immediately upon release, while it isn't too big a deal, I think making future IGC selections can still be done the same way, but not start it for particular games until they've been released in Europe, and have been out for like a month.

    Though this limits guy like Tobin and Yuzo who get games right when they come out, we could try and get everyone to hold off playing certain games until we can get more people into the competitions.

    It's just a suggestion by the way, and one I'm making in the hopes that we can get more people really involved with noobtoob. Not everyone will be able to contribute like Sloth and Gwenster, with site redesign, and moderating, but we can try to get more people into a tighter community where we are interacting a bit more frequently, which will really make noobtoob better.

    Also, I can start updating the myspace with any IGC's we decide to do, and try and bring even more people in so the can become recruits in the Noobtoob Army!
  • I don't know about delaying them per se, especially since there's usually a lot of excitement about the game which makes for a lot of participation in the IGC for those that can get it. We generally try and keep them open though until there's either no movement for a while, or someone hits the max. This kind of sucks for XBLA games with only 200 points (Castlevania was maxxed out way too quickly), but I see those as being pretty rare.

    At least for the GH2 IGC, I don't see any reason why we can't keep it open until it's available in Europe. If there's a _lot_ of time before certain IGC games are available, I don't see why we can't have two separate challenges for each region it's available in.

    The key thing for IGC is to have a fun competition with others who get the games as soon as they're released. If you guys want a GH2 IGC for Europe that would be quite reasonable and keeps everyone on the same footing.

  • i cant buy new games right off the bat because i barely have the money to, so i would need it delayed, and i think many others in the forums would agree with me
  • I only play some games just after release because if you go back to it a few week later all the hype has gone and no one online so its harder to get the online achievements so i say the day its out, igc starts if ppl get the game later they just have to work harder. Just like i will be doing this week on gh2 1000 in a day is my estimate
  • For 360 games, that wouldn't work because people would get achievements beforehand, but i think it would be awesome for PC or other console games, to get used to the game, like a training session.
  • brex123 said:
    i cant buy new games right off the bat because i barely have the money to, so i would need it delayed, and i think many others in the forums would agree with me

    I'm kinda looking at things from brex's perspective. As you mentioned in the podcast, most of your audience is adolescents :P Thus, little money. But Yuzo's suggestion makes a lot of sense, maybe only having a 1 week delay, so most people in the West can grab the game, even though it may exclude some teenagers, so be it. Then we can run a separate IGC for Europe, and other Eastern dwellers.
  • Omega brought up a good point. A delay won't actually work because then you'd have to enforce that everyone starts out with 0 achievements a week or two after the game is launched. And I know I for one won't be able to _not_ play the game at launch and will end up getting achievements anyhow, so it's an unworkable system.

    Besides, the last few IGC champions didn't even get the game at launch, but still ended up blowing everyone else away at the end. I didn't even see Veritas's name on the list until 2-3 weeks in, and look at his score now. The IGC is like doing a marathon, not a sprint. They'll remain open until there's no significant movement in the top rankings, so you'll have plenty of time to play.

    If you really want to win, you'll get the game as soon as you can, and play the hell out of it until you've done everything in the game that people won't even bother with.

  • ^^
    i agree...there's no advantage to getting the game right at launch, but there's nothing like getting a game the day it comes out and playing all day because you called in sick to work...and laugh in your buddies face when he comes home from a hard days work with his copy and you've already gotten 500 achievment points...but the i.g.c. doesn't end right away so people that buy it later still have the oppertunity to prove themselves worthy of the title
  • I concede I guess. :P I was just looking for input from people who though they had an unfair disadvantage against those who began playing earlier. And while there may be exceptions, as you mentioned Yuzo, I still think a majority of people who start later will have a much more difficult time catching up. I don't have 2 hours a night for GH2, for example, I have a regional soccer team, tennis at school, and all academic courses to look after. But prohibiting anyone from starting early isn't fair, so I guess it won't change :P But maybe we could still start a second IGC for people who receive the game later? (in europe, pour example)

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