why do games make games make fun of canadians eh?
  • well i was wondering why games like to make fun of other countries for minor stereo types people think they have

    for example while playing rockband 2 i started off in Montreal and a set gig to play was called local set lists for Canadians eh? now it just shocked me that thy would put that there

    so im wondering where are some stereo types that you find in games and where are they as well do you ever feel offended?
  • This kinda reminds me of this:

    I know most of the community is American and I know people that are really nice, but I´ve met some guys that think all Mexicans ride horses with sombreros and eating tacos all day. Hell, one guy even asked me if we had malls in Mexico.

    I have a Canadian cousin that thinks the same as you do MBG. But don´t take it personal. Everybody makes fun of everybody and you will have your chance to laugh at Americans...or whoever you want.
  • theres enough things to laugh about at americans as we where joking around about this in vent before
  • um, I think "eh" is a little less offensive than "FAT DIRTY STUPID AMERICAN"

    Maybe it's just my opinion.
  • What are you talkin aboot? I ride my polar bear to the hockey rink every day. Afterwards me and my fellow Canucks go back to my crib (aka. igloo) and drink some good ol' Canadian beer...eh.

    On a more serious note...generally people who use stereotypes are either ignorant or misinformed. Can't blame them for trying!

    As for why games use them, maybe humor?
  • Oh I can think of worse games with much more offensive and insulting stereotypes...

    As for Canada, I don't have a clue where people even get their ideas about you guys from...

    I for one am offended.

    Wait no, I'm not. Because I live in the Deep South of the United States. People treat us all like a bunch of hideously stupid, inbred hicks, that like to scrape rodakill of the higheay and eat it.

    Unfortunately, stereotypes are universal and everybody makes fun of everybody. Which can be amusing at times depending on how it's done.

    Ultimately we all jst need to remember the Noob Toob Golden Rule...


    Now as soon as they can make it through the maple encrusted friozen tundra of his homeland and figure out the backwards postal and monpoly money they use... Locke can get his 360 back and we can play more games together as good friends. :D

  • Have to start off by thanking you cooleo1208, that was a pretty funny video. :)

    Wanz said:

    As for why games use them, maybe humor?

    And for the question, i agree with you answer Wanz, i think some companies are trying for a cheap, easy, and fast laugh for the people playing the games. I myself dont take things like that so seriously. It was a good topic though.
  • I cant really get mad of stero types becuase i have never was talking to some one and they said eh or aboot or any thing so i just laugh than we rode are pet moose back home
  • I can't understand what your all talking aboot, try speaking canadian eh.

    Most stereotypes I've seen in games are just good fun that's not intended to be taken seriously. We have our stereotype of all americans being dumb rednecks but we that's not true and only most of them are. It's basically joking between friends to me.

    Then again I've lived a sheltered life in the country that apparently never goes to war or do anything wrong.
  • Hahahaha, oh my god, the Scottish video was fucking hilarious. I loved the heading bit.

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