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  • Partly inspired by my previous topic which measured the worth of games in hours of gamplay. I wanted to ask you, the community. In your eyes, what is the ideal length of the campaign of a videogame.

    This means a single playthrough, perhaps not obtaining 100% completion, but getting from start to finish with a satisfying completion percentage.

    For me, this number has changed greatly since I started gaming.

    Before, I used to be ecstatic when I read "70 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY" on the back of my game boxes. Now, I find myself preferring games from 13 to just over 20 hours in length, possibly less at times. While I still respect a game that can keep me interested during the entirety of its 70 hour campaign, this is very rare. Most recent example coming to mind is Rogue Galaxy which boasts some ungodly hours of gameplay but I could never bring myself to complete it because it just took me so long.

    The length of a game also effects how likely I am to re-play a game. If I know playing through a game is going to take me vast amounts of time to re-do everything I've already done, then I just don't, but I am very likely to re-play a short game I enjoyed. Examples being MGS3 (<20 hours) Portal (30 minutes-3 hours) Way of the Samurai 1 or 2 (2-5 hours or so) Brave Fencer Musashi (<20 hours) or Steambot Chronicles (varies greatly on time spent dicking around, but I've done it in 3 hours)<br />
    Perhaps my attention span is getting shorter, or my free time is, likewise, waning. But the allure of stepping into a Trillion Hour RPG has left me.

    Has it left you? Do you prefer games that take multiple days of actual gameplay to defeat? Can't stand games that take more than a couple of hours?

    Voice your likes and dislikes in text format below:
  • Single player is the most important aspect of a game to me, and I think it varies what game I'm playing to see if i want to sit through 50 hours of it.

    A couple of the examples you mentioned (Way of the Samurai, Portal) are great games, but I wouldn't be able to commit to the same amount of content I would be able to with games like Morrowind, Oblivion, Mass Effect, Etc. I've beaten Oblivion 3 times, and I've beaten Mass Effect twice, (never on my own box either) and those all have many many hours of gameplay.

    The genre and style of the game makes all the difference. I wouldn't want dozens upon dozens of hours with a game like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, but I would eat up 300 hours easy on a game like Fallout 3.
  • for a normal game I agree with your 13-20ish, anything more would be acceptable for a RPG/MMO.

    Do you prefer games that take multiple days of actual gameplay to defeat?
    As long as it's not repetitive gameplay and I'm having fun doing it.
  • This is a suprisingly hard question for me to answer because I have favorite games on both sides of the fence. So I'll take the less stressful route of saying I like both short and long games equally.

    The best defense I have for short games is 'Zone of the Enders 2', a game that can take between 4-6 hours to complete. I like the short length of this game because it gives me something to play inbetween game releases that makes me feel like I've made an accomplishment by beating. The length also suits the game, honestly if ZOE2 was 20 hours I probably wouldn't like it because the plot would end up a mess like MGS4 and/or the gameplay would become boring.

    Now another favorite of mine is Kingdom Hearts 2 which is around 50 hours to complete. The reason I like it being that long is because unlike ZOE2 would, KH2 keeps me entertained for the 50 hours. Also when I do decide to play KH2 I usually play through KH1 first, now that can end up to 100 hours of gameplay but to me that 100 hours isn't just playing a game
  • If it is a game like Oblivion, any RPG really, I will beat the game twice and if it is good thrice. But a game such a gears, castle crashers, portal and so on deserve to be played 10-20 times (no kidding). Like someone said in your previous thread, sometimes I need a small burst of gameplay that I can obtain instantly and that would be hard to get in a RPG, mainly because I feel those games need at least 2 hours of dedication. I think both lengths suit me well depending on my mood.
  • *sorry for double post on PS3

    -it's more of an event really. olympics it doesn't happen often but when it does it's really wizard.

    I quess what I'am basically saying is length doesn't matter as long as the game can handle it. If MGS4 was shorter (in story) it would have BLOWN MY MIND whereas if the .hack parts where longer(or put in one as they should have been) I would have them all.
  • personaly if a game becames 70 hours they usaly add in walls to streatch out gameplay. for example they will create a boss 5 levels higher than you are so instead of continuing the story you have to go around and explore and level up. I enjoy this if its done well. DQ8 did it well and turned the game into about 5or6 15 hour fragments, alot more manageble than >70 hour game.

    I feel a game is good as long as i don't have to play it straight for to long. although i love it when a game makes me want to play more. so it's realy the balance of need to play the game for long egnough
  • I have 2 minds about this...
    For shooters, I like my games short and sweet (With the exception of CoD4, I was almost disappointed when I beat it in 8 hours), just enough gameplay to keep me interested, get the control scheme perfect, then hop online and let loose.
    If a shooter is too long, and doesn't have Grade A Gameplay and a Good Story, I'll usually just stop playing.
    If a Shooter has great Gameplay and a bad story though, I'll still play it through for the most part. If it's the other way around... Maybe not to much.

    Alternatively, if an RPG is too short, I usually get VERY annoyed. I buy an RPG because I want something that will keep me interested for hours upon hours, with a good story line that keeps me hooked.
    Normally, I don't mind how long a game is... As long as there is enough substance to keep me interested in the game itself, the single player could be 500 hours for all I care.

    However, what really bugs me about a game, is when they have the prospect of an awesome game, great storyline, and gameplay, but then the game itself is too short, that REALLY frustrates me, as I'm left with this feeling of wanting more; but I know it's never gonna happen again.
    Chances are, if they do release a sequel to the game in 3 years... I've forgotten about it, and I never get around to playing it.. Sad really.

    Then you have to take into account Achievements for Xbox 360 games.
    If a game is too long, and the Achievements are too difficult to get... Then I won't play it through, no matter how good the game is.
    Ironic, because on any other console, I crave a good, long game that makes me feel as though my money wasn't a waste. Any game with decent Multiplayer usually scrapes through, but a short RPG doesn't cut the cake.

    As for Re-Playing a game, I'll play most of them more than once.. Depending on how good they are, and how long they are.
    A game like Final Fantasy Tactics, which I've clocked up hundreds of hours on.. I've played through twice. The fact that I spent hours and hours playing this game doesn't mean anything to me, but the fact that I want to re-experience the joy that I had playing through it the first time.
    I will also Re-Play through a game if I want to gain a better understanding of the storyline, playing through it a second or third time will allow you to pick up on minor details that you may have missed before that make you go "Ohhhh.. So THAT'S what they meant..."

    All in all, I do care how long a game is, if it's too short.. I get annoyed, if it's too long and can't sustain good enough gameplay... I get annoyed.
    It's all about finding that balance I suppose.
  • It really depends on the quality of the game and how much fun I am having. MGS4 for instance is flying by fairly quickly, but I am loving it so far and think that it's totally worth it, where as Smash Bros Brawl I had goten about 80 hours out of it before I had sold it, also being worth it. Final Fantasy XII I've also put in a lot of hours (somewhere between 50-60 I think) and I've loved the game. I don't mind having to commit a lot of effort to beat something.

    As long as I enjoy playing and completing a game length doesn't bother me a whole lot unless it is really a very, very short game by today's standards.
  • I agree with Maxim, and Elmano, 12-20, is a good length, for a story.
  • Oblivion is a really bad example of a game you can play for days, most people realise it sucks after about 14 hours. Thats when you notice the bugs and animations and oh god the voice acting make it stop.
  • ...Funnily enough, I was thinking about sending in a question to Yuzo and Tobin on this very subject just the other day.

    Bearing in mind that the last two games that I completed were FFIX and FFXII (60 hours and 118 hours respectively) at the minute I'm more craving the shorter type of game (I've made a start on the Halo series at long last, how long do people think it will take to get through the campaign on Halo 1?). Several people have said it comes down to quality of the gaming experience, and I think that goes without saying - I'll only play a game for 50+ hours if it's any good, although I don't get too dissapointed if a really good game ends quickly, at least I'll have enjoyed the time I did spend with it.

    The thing is, some games try and label themselves as 'epic' simply by the number of hours it takes to complete them, but if that length of game is generated by ridiculous fetch quests or a requirement for a stupid amount of grinding, then what is the point? I suppose that is where I might get angry with the length of a game - if they've hooked me into the storyline and I'm desparate to see where it goes next, but then they slow down the progression just to make me jump through some hoops, then that can get frustrating.

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