Fanboys Unleashed
  • This was posted on Screw Attack and in my opinion it is an INSTANT classic...

    No console goes unscathed!


  • for some reason the ending sucked :lol: but hot dang that was pretty good and surprised toys r us didnt care. i loled at the ps3 guy
  • ya the ending was a little weak...but it was still pretty entertaining...even though the light saber affect was pretty crappy compared to the other ones iv seen before
  • Fanboys are funny, love the PS3 bit
  • It would've been funnier had it had the PSP and DS fanboys fighting in the background of a scene, and a PS2 fanboy doing something as well.
  • Meh, I wasn't overly impressed. Crappy MIDI "battle" music, crappy lightsaber effects, crappy lightsaber fighting. It was mildly amusing from time to time, but overall, not that great.

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