What console will outlast the others?
  • I am interested in what you guys have to say about this. You could say the Wii, because of well...the gimmicky part of it. You could say PS3, because of its mighty power and awesome blue rayness. Or you could say the 360, because its got the best online support, and all the sweetest exclusives EVAR

    (all of which arent my own opinion but seems to be what most gamers of each fanboy base say, cept for the nintendo wii but evryone knows it is kinda gimmicky) Zero punctuation made a video on this, i dont have a link but i am very sure you guys are web savvy enough to find it easily enough. oh and i couldnt find a topic on this already, but if there is already please dont flame on me because i am very emotional like a 12 yr old gothic boy who just got his heart broken and who cant find his copy Sweeny Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street (hopefully said correctly?)
  • I think all 3 of them will last a while to come. I think times have passed when one console would win above all others. This isn't like Dreamcast vs PS2 or 3DO vs PS1, or Master System vs NES. In this day and age a lot of different people are buying different consoles for different reasons and with exclusives dying FAST as a concept, I don't see any of them going anywhere anytime soon.

  • It's really hard to tell this generation who will be on top. This is probably one of the closest generation of Video games i have seen so far. We will have to see what happens.
  • just imo in terms of always being there nintendo,terms of durability sony,being a piece of crap sometimes but great online xbox

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