How angry do you get when a game pisses you off?
  • How angry do you get when a game gets REALLY frustrating and annoying. Personnaly i say some profanities and turn it off the game :shock:
  • I used to throw my controllers against the wall.
    I had to by new controllers about three times
    Ive learned to control my anger so I just punch my bed in
  • I get quite violent and loud sometimes... but the game has to be really really cheap and annoying as all fuck to get me that mad. It's a rare thing and usually only happens when playing multiplayer. Lucky headshots, lag, shit talkers, kids.... to hell with 'em all.
  • Depends on how much the game pisses me off.
  • Sunflower4000 said:
    Depends on how much the game pisses me off.

    I mean REALLY piss you off lol
  • once on dreamhack i almost got in to a physical fight with a guy but luckily we gots toped....

    but when im alone home gaming i dont rly get so made i just occasionly shout at the screen but nothing more
  • Games themselves rarely piss me off. AI is generally scripts, and you can pick them apart.

    Once my friend beat me in Tekken 5 though, and I threw my PS2 controller at his face in a brief fit of enormous rage. He got VERY scared I was going to kill him, but 10 seconds later I was fine.
  • I broke many dualshock controllers by smashing them on a seat when i got anoyed. LOL once my cat stepped on the power button when id just completled a really hard level. I got mad, but instantly stopped in a second after i saw his cute ickwle kitten face!
  • I only really swear, and even then it is just an F-bomb or two. The game hast to truly frustrate me though...
  • It take alot to make me mad due to the gameplay on either console or on Pc
    but the things that get me wound up the most is either doushebags on XBL being complete dicks or a truely anoying game control or the game content itself
  • Sunflower4000 said:
    Games themselves rarely piss me off. AI is generally scripts, and you can pick them apart.

    Once my friend beat me in Tekken 5 though, and I threw my PS2 controller at his face in a brief fit of enormous rage. He got VERY scared I was going to kill him, but 10 seconds later I was fine.

    And this my friends is why Sunflower will be my hired muscle for Pax 09.
  • i get pissed a lot and when i get angry at anything i either say its as bad as cod or not plus i tend to cuss and hit(or throw) whatever is around fact i even got so pissed that i broke my first controller for my system
  • I don't get mad at games too often unless I know it was definitely a gay situation where I should have succeeded. Mostly I end up just turning the game off and moving onto a dif one.
  • I usually dont get that angry at videogames but when I do its very bad.

    My friends and I all have the same problem....I guess its from non-stop competing to be the very best in MLG at Halo 1. That game was too intense lol.

    Just today my friend was trying to get the "Mile High Club" achievement in COD4 and he broke the RB and select buttons on his 360 controller. Then he continued to threaten everybody in the game that he'll stick railroad spikes through their faces.

    Getting pissed at games is quite ugly.....but it can be very entertaining to watch as well.
  • i don't get angry i get even.

    and if all else fails i do my secret "psych up dance"
  • The worst I've ever done was smack a PlayStation controller on a wooden chair, which didn't really do much, just cracked the edge open and after that it rattled.
    That level on Crash Bandicoot pissed me off :P

    Nowadays, if a game actually managed to annoy me, I'll probly just give out an odd noise of annoyance and turn the console off straight away.
    ...then be even more annoyed later for having to start further back because of not saving :?
  • hmm. lets see, ive ruined three controllers by violently throwing them against walls.
    ive cracked disc in half

    but, i think my most violent outrage is when i literally broke the lens in my gamecube, by picking it up and throwing it across the room. i have pics of the wall where the plug ripped out if u guys wanna see, its gotten alot worse since like 3 years ago
    had to get a new cube cuz of it :(
  • Just a few curse words then I turn the system off really quick, lol.
  • Lawl, this might sound abit weird but when I get pissed off from a game... Thats more or less everytime I get shot on cod4 or die on WoW... I smack my leg as hard as I can, bloody kills and I end with up with loads of bruses. :P

    Ohh... But I did once when I had a Wii grab the consel and through it on the ground and mash it with my foot.
  • Well, all it takes is a game being cheap, or a person being cheap online to really make me angry, which isn't that rare anymore...
    When that happens, there is usually something thrown, words screamed out loud, and boxes kicked in.
    Then, I usually never go back to the game.

    Halo 3: I was cheap KO'd in this one round of Team Slayer, like.. Spawn killed, and I had been getting it all day, what'd I do? Snapped the disc, smashed the case... Then realised I had to get more achievements for it, so I went and bought another copy...
    BUT........ I only ever played Campaign, I have VERY VERY VEEEERY rarely EVER played anything else on Halo 3 since that fateful day except for Campaign, I have a super mega grudge against it, and I'll never go back to it.

    CoD 4 is another example, same with Army of Two.
  • Happens quite often, but I usually just scream "fuck" a lot.

    You should've seen me in the inverted castle in Castlevania: SotN (Which, coincidentally, I think was added just to drag out the game and added very little to it.), especially in the inverted clock tower. Yellow Medusa Heads that turn you to stone and five Cloaked Warriors on screen with their floating swords and stupidly long range, I wouldn't have ever completed this game without my cheating utility. (Yes, I cheat, get over it.) Almost every other word was "fuck." Not fun to listen to.
  • i bite my controllers when i get angry.

    I bang them on my table too.
  • I usually swear or say fuck it and turn off the game. I'm looking at your shinobi (ps2) and Assassins creed.
  • hey im a new noobtoober and this is my first coment ever :D

    i tend to shout at the game and call it the most stupid game ever when i get angry. i can never admit that im just shit at it. Its just stupid annoying things within a game that prevents me from having fun with it anymore and makes me stop wanting to play it. the worst ive done is throw a ps2 controller at the wall from getting stuck on Jak 2
  • I swear and if it is a button mashing section I will get really pissed
  • I think it depends on the nature of the game. If a game has great controls and is just downright hard, I will be silently frustrated until i can beat it. I am vindictive, though, and if I have too much trouble beating something, I'll often go back and beat it over and over again to show it who's boss.

    If a game has bad controls, or if it is too frenetic, I usually quit playing. With lots of swearing and gnashing of teeth.


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