Worst Box Art
  • This should be self-explanitory. What's the worst box art you've ever seen, ever? For me, it's the original Mega Man.


  • That one is a classic. I like this one.
  • What the fuck was that?
  • image





    image Peace out, yow!
  • I respectfully disagree with Final Fight and Karnov having bad box art! Karnov especially! It is very indicative of the game.

    I do bring you this.


  • I wouldn't say it's the worst ever but the boxart for Steambot Chronicles made me laugh at it everytime I saw it in the used game section. That is until someone (you know who you are) mentioned it was amazing which prompted me to spend the $5 and buy it... judging games by their cover is now silly to me.
  • Sunflower4000 said:
    That one is a classic. I like this one.

    Looks disturbingly like Jack Black, doesn't he?


  • I don't know about worst "looking" box art, but EA packaging and manuals are really pov.

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