Happy Birthday, Dreamcast!
  • Nine years ago, on 9/9/99, I bought my Dreamcast. Preordered, from an EB Games. I picked up House of the Dead 2, and Soul Calibur, and Hydro Thunder. I took it home, hooked it up to a big screen TV, and was BLOWN AWAY.

    The jump from PS1 and N64 to Dreamcast was one of the large ones in my mind. Starting up Soul Calibur, I was amazed at a few things. One - it looked BETTER than the arcade version. Wow! Two? HOLY CRAP POLYGONAL BACKGROUNDS AND THEYRE GORGEOUS. I did silly things like watch the health bar as I got hit, crack and fall off, and was super impressed. Soul Calibur was possibly the best launch title a system could have had. Out of the three games I bought at launch, this one was the best.

    Time went on, and Power Stone and Sonic Adventure were picked up. I used the Dreamcast Web Browser for fun, with its built-in 56k modem. I used the Dreamcast VMU to play shitty little Power Stone minigames on it. Sonic Adventure was a ton of fun to me - to this day, I'm still not TRULY done with it, as I can't fish with Big the Cat for shit. I remember being ecstatic when I could change the spoken language to Japanese - it was a testament to the 1.5gb gd-rom on the Dreamcast that allowed such awesomeness to happen.

    Time continued to march forwards, giving us an excellent set of football titles (with ONLINE PLAY!) and many, many Sega arcade games. Daytona USA came out and I loved having it at home. Capcom and SNK held their 2d fighting torches high, the first Capcom vs SNK was like a dream come true. The second one was perfection. Marvel vs Capcom 2 came out. If you are a fighting game fan, you played Dreamcast. Period.

    Another strength the Dreamcast had was an odd amount of zombie games. Especially zombie arcade games. Zombie Revenge was totally awesome for being a 3d brawler with zombies.

    There's really much more out there to the Dreamcast, but I want to know some of your memories of the beloved, last Sega system - the Dreamcast.

    It's thinking.
  • The Dreamcast really did not deserve to fail in the way it did. It had everything. Awesome graphics, a great launch line up, innovative features and it looked sexy. Such a pity.

    I never had one, but I vividly remember watching in awe as I saw it in motion. Soul Calibur was the shit.
  • I never got a Deamcast as I was a poor busy college student when it came out. One of my high school pals got one though and I would go to his house and just be simply amazed by Powerstone. The graphics were so beautiful compared to my PS1 and I was in awe that he had one and I didn't. I was also impressed by its ability to be hooked up to a PC monitor as I had never seen that done before with a home console system. The following year one of my neighbors at college got one and we would all gather in his apartment to play football. Good times for sure.

    Sega always had impressive systems, its just sad that they didn't get enough support.
  • yeah, the dreamcast was a wonderful system.
    i remember the first time i saw one i was with my friend, and we both nearly crapped our pants lol

    i never owned one myself either....but boy would i have liked to.
    happy birthday dreamcast!
  • Also keep in mind all of the games that came out in A YEAR AND A HALF. That's IT. You've got Space Channel 5, Shenmue, Jet Grind Radio, Virtua Tennis...totally fucking awesome how much it accomplished in such a short time. Definitely deserved more time out there - Sega was at the top of their game, for sure.
  • Wow I can't believe it's been that long!! I remember when I was in High School and my friend got one when it came out. I saw Sonic Adventure and Shenmue and I've been in love with it ever since. It is definitely my favorite system ever, even over the Genesis. I just had so much fun playing San Francisco Rush and DOA2 with my friends. Then when I found out that Sega was dropping it I almost cried :(
  • Considering that to this day, people still ask Sega Execs about bringing out the Dreamcast 2, I'm thinking it has a LOT of respect from gamers.

    I, sadly, never owned one. Although since it has come out, I've thought about getting one and I was THAT close to getting one in Tennessee, but times were getting rough.

    I remember when it came out, I was SERIOUSLY considering it, because I ws such a dyed in the wool Sega fanboy. But, I foolishly had decided what little gaming I did was going to be PC based at that point.

    Still, in honor of this great systems birthday, allow me to post a few classic videos of the machine...

    Happy birthday Dreamcast!

    You deserved WAY better than you got.

  • Besides the PS2, one of Sega biggest mistakes (and I think THE biggest mistake) was its advertising. It almost NEVER showed gameplay. Here, you have this system with graphics far beyond what people have been seeing, and you DON'T SEE THEM. That was a huge misstep, and I think played a major part in their downfall.
  • <3 the beautiful yet severely underrated Dreamcast. From Shenmue to PSO to all the hours of 2d fighting awesomeness it provided, I had a great time with it. It really is a shame that it failed so badly and SEGA haven't been the same since. I'll always remember it though in my own personal history of gaming.
  • Sunflower4000 said:
    Besides the PS2, one of Sega biggest mistakes (and I think THE biggest mistake) was its advertising. It almost NEVER showed gameplay. Here, you have this system with graphics far beyond what people have been seeing, and you DON'T SEE THEM. That was a huge misstep, and I think played a major part in their downfall.

    Oh, absolutely. If you do comparisons of games that were multiplatform at the time, you'll see that they ALWAYS look far superior on Dreamcast.

    Jedi Power Battles, as Jam pointed out in his GREAT review, looked like SHIT on the PS1 and looked AMAZING on the Dreamcast. It almost looks like it was made for the DC and ported to the PS1 (though this wasn't the case).

    For some reason Marketing is where Sega failed endlessly following the Genesis era. They won the 16 bit market through some of the most intense and exciting ads ever made for games. But, afterwards it's like they totally lost touch on how to market a system.

    As you say, Dreamcast suffered for that.

  • I just got done reading a spot of the Ultimate History of Video Games (an old Noobtoob Book Club selection) and it outlined how Sega put serious pressure on Nintendo in the 16-bit era due to their edgy marketing push. It's one thing to put out a "Sega does what Nintendon't" advert, and I remember poring over those numbers and seeing where the SNES would be better for me, but the Sega Scream and Sega's Saturn-era print adverts were wonderful - but the 128 bit age of the Dreamcast...really suffered. It sucks. It deserved much better.

    Also what didn't help is EA did not back the system, period. Thank god 2k's sports lineup was very good on all fronts - hockey, baseball, basketball and football were all VERY competent games.
  • I never was a fan of the Sega style. I never had a Master system, I disliked the Genesis, and until I got the internet I thought Saturn was a myth. The Dreamcast, however... was FUCKING AMAZING. That's about the only way to put it. If mine hadn't died on me I would most likely still be playing games on it.

    My all time favorite game for it, of course, was Soul Calibur. I was a total bastard with Mitsurugi, and my cousin didn't like me much after that day. He actually sold his Dreamcast because of it. A bit extreme... but that makes me swell with pride in more ways than one.
  • Oddly enough the South Park episode where they do the tooth fairy scam to raise money to buy a Sega Dreamcast is on tonight.
  • Ever since the Dreamcast's birthday a few days ago, there have been a ton of new videos featuring the Dreamcast. I think a LOT of people over the years have come to realize how much they missed out not having one of these. I know I have.

    But, here was a fun and different persective on the DC, from my FAVORITE retro-game reviewer...

    How can you disagree with that?


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