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  • Hey, I know people are posting their Skype info on the Wiki and such, but as it stands, that's only eight people.

    I was wondering if anyone had, or could get, a Ventrillo or Teamspeak (etc.) server to be used by the Noobtoob community. From my experience in other communities like guilds, and other forums (ex: PurePwnage has a community teamspeak) one of the most enjoyable community-based things for me is to be able to come home, sign on, and relax with my headset on, play games or even something else (blasphemy, i know) while talking to other gamers about anything of interest. This could also spur questions and insights to be posted and maybe even talked about in the podcast.

    So main questions are:

    1) Does anyone have a server and/or would be willing to contribute towards one?


    2) Is there a demand for one?

    So please respond with your opinion (I really want one / I don't care either way / I think it's better without one) and a reason if you have one :D


    P.S.: Mods, this seemed like the best forum section to post this in, but please move it if I'm wrong. :wink:
  • i dnt have a server and cnt contribute. however i think it's a gr8 idea to find out bout vent and TS servers we could all chat on. it would brin the army together
  • I don't see the point of getting ventrillo or team speak. Skype has a skypecast group conference feature that is pretty damn good and the majority already has it.
  • I dnt but could always get it
  • Sloth said:
    I don't see the point of getting ventrillo or team speak. Skype has a skypecast group conference feature that is pretty damn good and the majority already has it.

    For once I agree with you Sloth...
    A lot of people have skype and the skypecasting works wonderfully.
    If anyone is interested in what it's like just PM me because I'm the guy who usually hosts the NT skypecast!
  • I still think Jaadus has a pretty good point. Not everyone has skype, and last time I tried it, any channel with more than 3 people made the quality go down significantly. Teamspeak has been pretty good with up to 6-8 people so it'd be pretty awesome to always have a channel open just like we have our irc channel. Anyone that has a pretty fat upstream pipe can run the server (say, if you're on a school network), and then post it up here. Might be worth a try to see if there's any interest.

  • Actually I was looking into this for a guild I am running. Teamspeak works well with just a basic Cable/DSL connection and with no more than 10 people... It just takes someone with a home computer that will be on most of the time anyways. I would highly doubt that you would get 10 people clammering in there at once at a regular basis... at least not yet.

    Other than that I looked at rented servers... OMFG. I swear to god, when I get a little better at computers/servers I will absolutely run a server rental business. Talk about rape. Way to expensive. Funny they actually sell 10 slot Teamspeak servers for 5 dollars a month. Thats just wrong.
  • yeah exactly my point. It usually just takes one person with a decent cable/dsl connection to run the teamspeak server and get the ball rolling. I'd do it myself but my upload isn't very great. Once it's up relatively stable and starts getting some use we can look into renting a channel later..


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