Guitar Hero, Rockband, and DLC
  • So I just read that later this week Metallica will be releasing its newest album, and on the same day that same album will be available to download for use with Guitar Hero III for 1440 Microsoft Points on 360 and $17.99 on Playstation 3. The DLC album will also work with the upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour. My question to the community is this, do you think that music games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band have helped to save Rock & Roll with its great music and addictive gameplay and you don't mind shelling out for both a CD and DLC, or do you think that DLC is just another revenue stream for the music giants now that they are releasing their albums in full on the same day as their CD and digital release.

    Personally what I would like to see is game content released for free with a CD or digital download purchase. I should be able to use the music I bought in conjunction with my iTunes, on my iPod, or on my 360 with Guitar Hero or Rock Band. If the record company and game company need cash for this right I would be ok with paying a few extra bucks, but I don't think I should have to pay full price twice for this.
  • The DLC was initially meant as an extra money faucet, and its not having any trouble with that bit. As far as saving music goes, I feel a lot of the in-game music, that you are forced to play through to get to the songs you know, is saving certain artists.

    Dragonforce for instance did reasonably well in Europe before GH3 hit. After, they enjoyed a HUGE spike in sales. Same goes for ALL bands in GH or RB - not DLC. They're all enjoying a new listener base who is enjoying the music.

    I think it's helpful to both parties.
  • Excellent Topic, Noobie for you.

    And, I certainly think these games are doing a lot to promote Rock. It was starting to get lost amongst al the R&B,POP, and Rap music. These games have pushed it back out there in a new and exciting way.

  • @Sunflower - True, I would have never heard of Dragonforce if it wasn't for GH3, or many of the other bands that had content in the game.

    As far as Metallica goes in releasing their new album as DLC - I will be picking up the album in CD format so I can rip my own MP3s. Playing the songs on GH3 would be awesome, but I'm not sure I'm going to be ready to pay twice for the same music. I have heard rumors that there will be codes from some stores to download the album for free, and if I can confirm that then that will be the route I go.

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