Can style equal substance?
  • Hi guys,

    last week I saw the Oh No You Didn't trailer for Mercenaries 2. I thought it was really clever, but I wouldn't buy the game. I then thought that I probably would if they put the money texturing into the gameplay.... This got me thinking about other times where the audio or visual style elevated a game or film above where it would be if presented normally. Sin City is a great movie example of this.

    Games like Assasin's Creed and Heavenly Sword have been accused of being all style and no substance. But what about those games where style is an integral part of the game experience? Imagine Rez without its trippy visuals and without every action combining seamlessly into the aural landscape. It would be just another sh'mup. Jet Set Radio grabbed my attention from the first second, as did No More Heroes. jSR turned out to be a bloody good game as well, but I've never played NMH

    What do you think? Have you ever been so bowled over by the style of a game that you bought it even though it wasn't a genre you'd normally play? If so, did the game live up to the promise?
  • Gungrave (the original) for the PS2 is a perfect example of this for me. SUPER oozing with style, substance was poor, but I still loved it. Yes, style can make up for substance. But very rarely...very rarely.

    Devil May Cry series also has more style than substance, but it has struck a happy medium between the two where the game would be good, even without as much style.