How do you obtain your games?
  • How and from where do you obtain your games? Are you primarily a renter with just a few select purchases throughout the year? Or are you primarily a buyer, buying as many games as possible? Do you trade and borrow with friends?

    Myself I'm a bit of a mixed bag. I rent a lot of games using Gamefly's rental service with a 4 at a time plan. I probably go through 6-8 games a month from Gamefly. Being in Northern California the service from Gamefly is pretty quick as their shipping center is in Southern California for me, it is usually a 3-4 day turn around. It's not as good as Netflix's next day turn around, but it works. If I send games back on Monday's I can pretty much be sure I'll have something new to play for the coming weekend. The problem with Gamefly for me is that you an never be sure just what you're going to get. If the games you really want are at the top of your list but they are out of stock Gamefly will just send you whatever is on your list that is in stock. Getting new games from Gamefly is always hit or miss. The good thing about Gamefly is their Keep It option. If you happen to get a new game from them and you really like it you can opt to keep it usually at a greatly reduced price. I don't rent from anywhere else and haven't stepped foot into a Blockbuster or other such store in probably 6 years.

    Buying wise I probably buy 15 new games a year for the various consoles I own, and these are usually the AAA titles that I want to play right when they are released. I rarely preorder games unless the incentive is really good, for example I just recently preordered Fable II to get the Pub Games for free. I tend to buy my games only from or from I like both and because I can order the game and get it on release day without having to worry about going to the store to pick it up, or the store running out of copies. When I do buy from a brick and mortar shop it is usually from Best Buy as I have always had bad luck with Gamestop's physical locations. The last game I purchased inside of a Gamestop was Madden 06.

    Another way I've been getting my games recently is using the site. I used to buy and sell my games using eBay but I tended to have bad luck with purchases from eBay. Earlier this summer I discovered goozex and I've quickly traded away over 30 games that I haven't played and amassed a nice amount of points to use to get games. I think I've gotten nearly 15-20 games using the service and so far I've had nothing but good experiences. I got Too Human just a week after it was released in nearly brand new condition. I also have received a completely brand new game.

    So as you can see from the ways I get my games I like to avoid having to go to the stores themselves to get games, preferring much more to have them delivered to me. What do you do?
  • I mostly purchase my games. I like to have the game for myself and not have to return it or have a friend hassle me about giving it back to him. I do most of my purchasing at Bestbuy, but when I'm getting a game on the release date, I go to Gamestop (even though they're a pack of retards). I also buy some games online, but only from Amazon....none of that eBay nonsense.

    I do however sometimes loan a game to my friend to get a game I really want to play. Like I lent my friend GTA4 in exchange for Bioshock. I beat Bioshock weeks ago and still haven't gotten my GTA4 back, guess hes having too much fun. 8P
  • Mostly from Best Buy, but when I want a game that isn't there, or for a very reduced price, I usually go to If I don't want to weight a week or so, or can't find the game on Amazon for a reasonable discount, I usually will check a retail store close to me. I am not an avid buyer of games, meaning I do not shell out cash every week for one (I usually purchase one every 2-3 months or so). I'm more into collection though, so a lot of my games I only play a couple of times. I guess I need to rent before I purchase more, but both the Hollywood Video and BlockBuster in my area tend to lack in selection.
  • I buy almost all my games. I usually get them st futureshop or wal-mart but I tend to wait for the price drop before buying, I also have started to buy alot of used last-gen games from a nearby pawn shop. I only rent when its for the surprisingly rare time (to me anyways) when I want to play a game right away but I'am not willing to pay full price, like with force unleashed.
  • I use to rent games from my local video store, not so much anymore what with noobtoob and other sources to let me know if a game is shit.

    Now when I find a worthy game I buy it from ebay or shop around if I don't want to wait for the shipping.
  • I'd be careful with eBay... I and many people I know have been screwed in the past.

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