More Fun With FMV...
  • The 3DO was basically an FMV machine. It's all the thing really did. A lot of CDs packed with a little gameplay and a LOT of bad acting.

    Toward the later end of the 90's the FMV thing was already starting to be quite the joke in games. The PS1 and Saturn were on the way and people were starting to see the begingings of CGI and 3D cut scenes and most of us knew that was what was coming next.

    Crystal Dynamix knew it as well. So when they produced the game Off-Road Interceptor for the 3DO, they opted to modify their existing FMV cut scenes MST3K style.

    Moderately Amusing...

    Now, I don't know if they finished the game and looked at the cut scenes and were afraid they were so cheesey people might not play the game...

    Or, if they just added the MST3K stuff to spice up the game and give it a little something to stand out in the crowded market place.

    In any event Off-Road Interceptor Extreme was a sequel made for the PS1 and Saturn( well a port actually). So, maybe their plan worked.

    The world may never know.