2008 Prime - Official PAX 2008 Group Photos
  • Hey all,

    I've finally run down all of the group photos that were taken at PAX -- sorry for the delay. They were on three different cameras so it took a while to round them all up.


    We had three separate group shots, one after the Kicklefest on Friday, one at Gameworks on Saturday, and a final one on Sunday in the afternoon.

  • Thanks for posting these!!
  • It makes me cry that I wasn't able to be part of this :(.

    Awesome turnout though, you guys must of had a fucking blast.
  • Some nice photos there guys and gals. Look at closely at some peoples faces, there's some good ones :)

    I wish I could have been there :cry:

    Kickle bling... need I say more?

    image Peace out, yow!
  • I posted all my pics on the FTP as well.
  • Tobin grabbed my butt in this one.

  • lol looks like you guys had a blast...
    cant wait to go next year
  • Hey Thanks Yuzo,

    Great Group Pics,wish I had gotten in on more than kicklefest pic and groups pics but either way pax was awesome and for a few weeks at least the WOOT#3 pic is so totally going as my background
  • Yuzo's link doesn't seem to work anymore, so here is a collection of Pax 08 images that I downloaded from noobtoobfiles and then converted into a single pdf document.  I then uploaded it to my account on Issuu.  Here is the link:  https://issuu.com/hicklespickled/docs/pax_08_images

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