Brutal day and a half
  • Hey noobtoobers, I thought this might be an interesting topic, so heres my story

    I wake up at about 8am yesterday, and I'm ready to just take a day off and game my little heart away and chain smoke till I get emphysema. I get online and I see a couple of my buddies from my WAR guild limb from limb. We play TF2 for a few hours, and they wanted to take a break, so I took the opportunity to run down to the local gas station and pick up a carton of marb reds. I get back and all but one is gone. So I figure, I've got about 60 or some odd achievements out of 132, why don't I try to get them all tonight? This is where things started going wrong. I started up, and worked my way through getting all the medic weapons, and all but one pyro achievement (the one where you have to get 1,000,000 points of damage). it was about 9 oclock at this time, and I haven't ate. So I make up some baked potatoes and steamed rice with butter, because a starchy diet is always fantastic for you. I come back, get another 20 some odd achievements, and I look at the time, its about 5am. I recently quit my job due to me feeling some moral ambiguity towards the job I had (I basically was getting peoples mortgages for getting them in contact with lawyers who act like they can help them, and convince them that their lender commited fraud which about 99% of the time was not the case). I was going to job hunt today, and I stuck true to my cause, mostly because the rent was due in two weeks and I'd like to have the money for warhammer online upon release. So here I am worn out to the bone, trolling noobtoob, and I was curious, does anyone else have any similar stories?

    TL;DR I'm fucking tired and I've almost got all the TF2 achievements.